Symbol- A black bear among golden haystacks
Sworn to the Rhyspells
Defining Characteristics- Dark red hair, light green eyes
Holdings- Kingsloft
When Jerba was still a nation unto itself, the Teagans were the most powerful lords in the kingdom. They ruled with an iron fist over their people and other lords, executing anyone who dared to rise against them or even speak out against their harsh punishments. The Teagan’s were eventually defeated by the cunning and powerful Rhyspells and have since sworn loyalty to their old foes.

The Teagan Family

Dustin Teagan- 15 Years old (Human)
The heir to the Teagan family. Dustin had been held captive by the Rhox family for over a year to keep the South Jerban family quite about their upcoming plans. Dustin was freed by the Kingsguard and returned to his family in Kingsloft.

Keeta Teagan- 40 Years old (Formerly a Huntsin)(Human)
Younger sister to the Head of the Huntsin family. Keeta is a woman very capable of taking care of herself and her family. When her husband Abraham tried to keep her out of the war by sending her North to Quake Lodge her caravan was ambushed by Rhox forces and she was returned to Kingsloft minus an arm.

Abraham Teagan- 46 Years old (Human)
Head of the Teagan family, was a great supporter of Cortanel Rhyspell but saw dangerous potential in Spierre when he inherited his father’s titles. Abraham was the only one of the Jerba bannermen to refuse to cooperate with Spierre’s attack on the Akashka’s and for that his son, Dustin, was locked up and imprisoned to keep the Teagan’s silence. In the early part of the Bygarian Civil War, Kingsloft was attacked by the Rhox army and nearly completely destroyed by a sudden Daemon attack on the town.


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