Symbol- A rising orange sun with two black eyes
Sworn to the Akashka
Defining Characteristics- Fine brown wavy hair, petite frames
Holdings- Sunchase
The lords of the city of Sunchase. The Sygila’s have served the royal family for generations. They consider themselves to be the protectors of the realm from forces that would destroy Bygaria from within. The Sygila are ever cautious and some would say, paranoid.

The Sygila Family:

Lord Fimmel Sygila- 57 Years Old (Human)
Brother of the late queen, Fimmel Sygila was the Master of Coin for many years before stepping down and returning to Sunchase. The Sygila family have been the noble lords for the northernmost part of the Akashka bannermen, leaving just below Maladomini. Fimmel trusts in the Akashka’s and has little patience for Merteuil or Rhyspells interfering with royal business.His two oldest children have recently returned to Sunchase from Byron’s Light.

Lady Thea Sygila- 50 Years Old (Human) (Formerly a Raregroove)
Dark haired with a rosy complexion, Thea married Fimmel in an arrangement between the two families over thirty years ago. She moved from the sweltering tropical heat of her home near Raam and has become the very present lady of Sunchase. Thea is an outspoken supporter for the ascension of Galta Orion to the throne.

Jarethon Sygila- 27 Years Old (Human)
The oldest son of Fimmel and Thea. Jarethon has long dark hair like his mothers and dark brown eyes. Jarethon has handsome feature and is known for his skill on horseback. After living in Byron’s Light for several years, Jarethon became lovers with Mikus Mertueil, and was discovered by an unknown informant. Jarethon was forced to ask Princess Meribell for her hand in marriage and was refuted. Since then he has returned to Sunchase with his younger sister, Rinita.

Rinita Sygila- 19 Years Old (Human)
The only daughter of Fimmel Sygila. Rinita looks very much like her father when he was younger, she has curly brown hair and tan skin like her mothers. Rinita had spent the last seven years at school in Byron’s Light and had taken up as a frequent member of the royal courts. When her brother was refused Princess Meribell’s hand, Rinita was forced to return to Sunchase with him. Rinita had kept her brother’s secret as he kept the fact that she was lovers with Cherish Akashka, a secret as well.

Karas Sygila- 10 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
The youngest son of Fimmel Sygila. Karas was a bright and spirited young boy until recently when he was plagued with a frail composition and failing health. In actuality, Karas had been secretly killed by the devil Sinistrix several weeks prior and taken his form amongst the Sygila’s to enact an unknown fiendish plot.


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