The Swifts
Mysterious and primal, the Swifts are the only family to not have a standing cowled army at their beck and call. Instead the Swifts command an elite force of Assassins known as ‘The Scorpio’. The Swifts are also notable for being one of the few families which are entirely non-human. The majority of the Swifts are tieflings but a number of them take on draconic features. The Swifts are an old family but control a small amount of land. Their fortune comes mainly from their expansive crontrol of guilds, commerce in the town of Catswell and the control of the Palkia river.
Color- Brown
Holdings- Castle Icena, Blacknam Moorlands
House Motto- “All men die”
Symbol- Scorpion
Bannermen- Huntsin, Fiend, Appledore, Yin

Notable Members

Lady Findalla Swift- 38 Years (Teifling)
The tiefling matriarch of the Swift family, Findalla became the head of her family with the passing of her father. Findalla married a noble knight from her lands but is known widely to take many lovers. To the Swifts, racial mixing and half-men are pinnacle of perfection. Findalla is a strong believer in her families virtues, all of her children and wards exhibit fiendish or draconic traits. (Paris Izlude is Findalla’s aunt)

Lord Bailo Huntsin-Swift- 42 Years (Human)
The quiet and mild-mannered human husband of Findalla. Bailo married into the swift families by way of the oldest daughter, Findalla and was thrust into the seat of highest power from a small but respectable noble house. He is known as a man of few words and for his great patience with his rowdy family. Most of the real matters of the Swift family are regulated to Findalla with Bailo pushed to the side. It is known that Findalla holds the real power. Bailo has a handsome frame and short sandy hair.

Leodrin Swift

Wretched Swift- 65 Years old (Deceased) (Teifling)
The Tiefling mother of Findalla, Agony, and Lohengrin and sister of Paris Izlude, Wretched ruled the family until her death 10 years ago. Wretched was killed in an explosion during the Ocheral coup that was meant to kill Beacher Akashka who Wretched was dining with during a court function. The blast killed the Swift matriarch but the Prince survived. Wretched was a quiet and explosive woman, she ruled the Swifts fairly and brought new sources of revenue by finally taking control over Catswell.

Lohengrin Swift- 46 Years Old (Dragon Aspect)
The silver dragon aspect son of Findalla and Lord of the Grey Flats. Stern and imperious, Lohengrin, though the oldest of his siblings did not ascend to the height of his family due to his being born a male in a matriarchal family. Lohengrin has never complained, but that is fairly common for the silver-fanged lord. Lohengrin is a man of few words and harsh, piercing eyes. He commands the Grey Flats and a small militia.

Willow Swift- 42 Years Old (Formerly an Ashby) (Human)
Sister of Simon Ashby, The gentle and somber Willow Swift is married to Lohengrin. The marriage was arranged shortly after her birth and she’d gone her entire life knowing she’d eventually be married into the fiendish family. The Swifts mysterious and ancient ways always put distance between Willow and the most of the family. Willow is devorted and very attatched to her children, as they are a part of her life she can fully understand.

Eirys Swift- 22 Years Old (Half Fiendish)
The oldest child and daughter of the Swifts, Eirys is a half-fiendish woman. She has small bat spiny wings, most of her teeth come to a point and her skin is a dark blue. Eirys is a favorite at the courts at Byron’s Light, where she works as grand judge to the courts. Eirys is known for harsh sentences and a strict adherence to laws. She will one day rule the Swifts as is customary in their family and spends much of her time making connections to other noble families while her mother searches for an acceptable husband.

Croxla Swift- 18 Years Old (Tiefling)
The only son and tiefling child, Croxla Swift was born with skin like his fathers, white and small horns for a tiefling. To the others, Croxla looks nearly human and at first glance would hardly bat an eye, but to the Swifts he is common and unworthy of their attentions. Croxla takes after his father in many ways, he is stoic and reserved but secretly craves the attention and approval his family won’t give him due to his human-like appearance.

Senna Swift- 17 Years Old (Formerly an Ashby) (Half Elf)
The youngest child of Simon Ashby, Half-Elf Senna is barely an adult, even by strictly human standards but was married off into the Swifts as a way of securing loyalty from the unpredictable family. Findalla had a difficult time warming up to Senna, but decided ultimately that the Swifts were in need of more friends in the courts if they were to be left alone. Senna and Croxla rarely see each other and have been married for less than a year. It is said that Croxla refuses to bed her as he worries their child will be too human to call himself a Swift. Senna is silver haired and golden eyed, she is a skilled acrobat and athlete.

Tyrarose Swift- 13 Years Old (Dragon Aspect)
Findalla’s youngest child, Tyrarose was born under the sign of the white dragon, like her aunt Paris. Tyrarose has bright blue eyes, minor white claws and small white dragon wings. Tyrarose is obsessed with dragons and their history, so much so she keeps a relic of Morrigu in her bed chamber. She is fairly inexperienced with her innate abilities and at most can breath at winds of cold air, unable to truly attack as a white dragon.

Agony Swift-44 Years Old (Tiefling)
Son of Wretched Swift, Agony was named for the founder of the family, an expert assassin who allegedly killed the great fire god with a single blow. Agony has gone his enitre life living up to his namesake, and become the top assassin of the Scorpio and a teacher in the ways of the silent blade. Agony also sought out his wife Cecilia when he was younger as he was attracted to her beauty and other-wordliness. Agony has several children, each of whom excels in whatever their field may be.

Cecilia Swift- 46 Years Old (Formerly an Ocheral) (Aasimar)
Daughter of Owlain and Freya and one of the few Ocherals left after the coup, Cecilia is a welcome member to the Swift family. As one of the few Aasimars remaining in the Ocherals Cecilia possesses an other-wordly beauty and long blonde hair. Her body gives off a faint light in darkness and she has a way of instantly connecting to anyone she meets. Cecilia and Agony are a ideal loving couple and bestow many great talents and gifts unto their children.

Wrivly Swift- 25 Years Old (Tiefling)
Oldest son of Agony and Cecilia. Wrivly has dark red skin and prominent horns coming from his forehead. Wrivly volunteered to join the King’s Guard when he turned 15, a young age for a member of the King’s Guard but Najsh Akashka and his father, Agony fully supported his choice. Wrivly is a talented sorcerer, and spends much time finding and training young sorcerers he meets. Wrivly is often accompanied by one or two apprentices but at the moment has no students. Wrivly spends much time between Tinslyn and Castle Icena.
Wrivly has been given the task of protecting Seagar Akashka until his life is no longer in forseeable danger. The two have been in hiding for several months.



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