The Rhyspells
The wealthiest of all the noble families, the Rhyspells rule what was once the Kingdom of Jerba entirely. Jerba is now an large part of Bygaria and the prosperous cities and farmlands have made the Rhyspells rich and powerful. The banks of Jerba connect the entire world through transactions and all gold passes through Farley Square at some point. The Rhyspells draw much of their wealth through taxes and reinvest in their kingdom, growing even wealthier. Many wizards, bankers and inventors come from the Rhyspell family and Jerba. The Rhyspells openly support Galta Orion as the interim-king.
Color- Green
Holdings- Maderry Castle, Jerba
House Motto- Yield not to misfortunes.
Symbol- Red Fox
Bannermen- Mendoza, Greenstone, Teagan, Rhox

Notable Members

Lord Spiere Rhyspell- 26 Years Old (Human)
Perhaps the most brilliant mind in the realm, Spiere Rhyspell has been made the new head of his household after the sudden passing of his aging father Cortanel. Spiere has proved a capable mind in his house. Making the family even richer by opening new contracts with the Gwyncairns for their resources in the pass.
Over two years ago, Spiere contracted the Duergar of Thrash Basin to create an army of Warforged Soldiers for him. The young lord then hired the Silent Men of Rocyn to assassinate the King. He has since launched a quick offensive against the capitol, hoping to find the source of King Bygar’s power and use if for himself.

Raevyn Rhyspell

Ditrois Rhyspell- 26 Years Old (Human)
Younger twin sister to Spiere, Ditrois is a constant companion to her brother. Ditrois has recently had a male child and refuses to tell anyone who the father is. Ditrois is none for fluctuating between incredibly depressed to hyperactive and manic. She will do nearly anything to protect her child or Spiere.

Lady Yael Rhyspell- 23 Years Old (Formerly an Orion) (Human)
Quiet and small, Yael was married to Spierre roughly eight years ago. Along with Ditrois, she is always at the side of Spiere. Yael has had three miscarriages and is often ill. As an Orion, she has been very wealthy her entire life but lacks some of the more refined and subtle tastes of the proper Rhyspells and is often still seen as an interloper and outsider.

Tythian Rhyspell- 46 Years Old (Human)
Cortanel’s little brother, Tythian Rhypsell serves directly to King Orinus II as the policy and economic advisor to the king. Tythian is a gifted wizard and mathematician, its often believed without Tythian’s wisdom the entire Kingdom would have gone bankrupt ages ago. Tythian spends most of his time in Byron’s Light in the king’s court.

Valisa Rhyspell- 45 Years Old (Formerly a Merteuil) (Human)
The youngest child of Seerick Merteuil. Valisa was married into the Rhyspells in an effort to further secure relationships between the two powerful families. Valisa is cunning and clever but has been made much kinder by her time spent away from Maladomini and Nessus. Not to say Valisa is kind-hearted, she is smart and well respected by the Rhyspells. She is a devoted mother and it is Valisa’s schemings that got her daughter Meribell in line for the throne.

Jenna Rhyspell- 15 Years Old (Human)
Tythian’s proper and poised daughter. Jenna Rhyspell is known throughout Byron’s Light, she was a troublemaker tomboy in her childhood but has blossomed into a beautiful young woman at the courts. Jenna is a skilled singer and harpist, and spends much of her time alone, practicing with her tutors.

Rennyn ‘Ren’ Rhyspell- 24 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
Youngest brother of Cortanel and Tythian Rhyspell. A talented wizard and member of the king’s Guard who met his elven wife while serving in the Byron’s Light courts. Ren was one of many suitors to the exotic elven princess Lenaeriel but shortly after the made the love the first time, told Ren that she was pregnant with his child. They were married in a brisk hurry to avoid a scandal.Rennyn would only meet his baby daughter Ravyn once, before being called to command in the Kings Guard against the drow of Morbikhan in a hostile conquest. Ren was killed during a decisive battle against Isriia forces.

Lenaeriel Rhyspell- 100 Years Old (Elf) (Formerly a Starym)
The third daughter of Lenwe Starym, Lenaeriel stood out as a sort of black sheep in her family. She was immersed in human cultrure from the time she was born and glamorized the pageantry of Bygarian and New Umtao courts. Len moved away from Al Jinh to live in Byron’s Light where she was sought after by many. Len took many lovers during her time in Byron’s Light before allegedly becoming impregnated by Rennyn Rhyspell. Len married into the family but was despised by Cortanel and the rest of the family. After Ren’s death in Morbikhan Lenaeriel quickly left Maderry Castle with her baby girl and went back to the Capital. There Len lived as a posh urban woman and sent her daughter away to be schooled in Tinslyn.

Cortanel Rhyspell- 53 Years Old (Deceased) (Human)
For ages the Rhyspell family suffered from mismanagement and greed. The family was clearly in the decline until Cortanel took over after his obese father died of a heart attack while eating. Cortanel reformed the family and their holdings, spending and saving wisely, the Rhyspells became once again the wealthiest of the families, the crown had to borrow heavily from Cortanel to fund various wars. Cortanel died shortly after his 53rd birthday, a sudden chill overtook him in a matter of days.

Lisandra Rhyspell- 55 Years Old (Formerly a Mendoza) (Human)
A woman from a small noble house sworn to the Rhyspells. Cortanel saw the brilliance in Lisandra from her writings on enchantment when she was a student at Tinslyn Magic Academy. After they met the two soon fell in love and were married. Lisandra is distant from her children, Spiere was always almost ‘too smart’ and Detrois and Lisandra never got along. With the death of her husband, Lisandra now oversees a flower business that Cortanel had purchased for her. She also serves on a board of trustees for a major Farley Square bank.



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