Symbol- A charging purple behemoth
Sworn to the Rhyspells
Defining Charcteristics-
Holdings- Gnarlhearth
A former bannermen of the Izludes, the Rhox were so savage and barbaric towards their foes and the common folk that they were released from their service to the Izludes. The Rhyspells saw great potential in the Rhox family and quickly gave them lands and made them lords of the Sunset Hills north of they Jerba Valley.

The Rhox Family:

Thades Rhox- 44 Years Old (Human)
The head of the Rhox family. A muscular man with charcoal black hair, fierce thick eyebrows and a great salt and pepper beard. He is always calm and controlled, unlike his bloodthirsty and rage fueled brother. Thades does not trust the Kingsguard and hates the Izludes with a passion.

Ser Kirklan Rhox- 42 Years old (Human)(Deceased)
Younger brother of Thades Rhox, the brutal and fiery axeman of the Rhyspells. Kirklan is known for his savagery against his enemies. He was one of the main warriors rallied during the Ocheral Purge. Killed the baby Xander Ocheral with a mace in front of his mother and grandmother, before raping and killing both women. Kirklan serves as the master executioner at Byron’s Light.
Kirklan joined in the rebellion led by his young lord Spierre. Kirklan commanded the strongest contingent of trained Gnarlhearth soldiers but met his end during a seige of town of Kingsloft. When he was killed a daemon crawled out of his corpse.

Sybil Rhox- 23 Years old (Human)
A tall and homely woman. Sybil has been courted by many noble men but all have found her aggression and hot temper to be too much to handle from a noble woman. Sybil had worked at the Duegar complex, training the Green Plates for Spiere’s conquering army. She was soon after taken captive by the Kings Guard and imprisoned in Kingsloft.

Marcus Rhox- 26 Years old (Human)
The heir to the Rhox family. Marcus is cunning, brutal and merciless to his enemies. He has dark black hair with his temples already begining to grey. His ever present companion is a large Razorback, known to bite anyone who comes to close to Marcus. His father Thades, has put Marcus in charge of the security of Gnarlhearth and the Sunset Hills.


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