Symbol- A maroon manticore on white
Sworn to the Akashkas
Defining Characteristics- Tall, hair that often has patches of brown, blond and black running through it
Holdings- Barley Town
Elitist and vain, the Porfea are the wealthiest of the Akashka bannermen but have recently fallen on hard times. The head of the family has no heirs and his brother’s young son is weak and frail. The Porfea have recently begun ventures in Farley Square only to have them end in ultimate loss of assets. The Porfea are now desperate to reclaim the glory their house once had.

The Porfea Family:

Edrick Porfea- 66 Years old (Human)
The unfortunate ruler of the Porfea family. Edrick’s wife has passed away over a decade ago and his families money has been slowly seeping away. He made a gamble to restore his wealth throught the markets at Farley Square, but proved to only undo him further. Edrick has no sons, only a handful of daughters. His younger brother’s son is the heir to the family, but he is small and paralyzed.

Shora Porfea- 18 Years old (Human)
The only unmarried daughter of Edrick Porfea. It is said that Shora largely rules Barleytown, her father too weak and broken to even leave his bed. Shora has long dark hair with streaks of blonde running throughout.

Grint Porfea- 58 Years old (Human)
Younger brother of Edrick, Grint Porfea is known as a loud mouth and a drunk. Since the family has lost much of their money, Grint now spends nearly all of his time at the pubs in Barleytown, rather than the Manse.

Archin Porfea- 12 Years old (Human)
The son of Grint and the heir of the Porfea family. Archin is paralyzed from a sickness he contracted when he was in his crib.


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