The Orions
Ambitious and driven, the Orions are a rapidly rising family with their eye on the throne. A once-minor noble house in between the Dark Sands and the Dragon’s Jungle, the Orion’s have marketed their lands as a tropical paradise, their castles and palaces built for luxury and pleasure. The Orions are unafraid to make public displays and publically proclaim their allegiances and intentions. They are not the most subtle but a visible family with growing political clout. After the fall of the Ocherals the bannermen sworn to the traitorous family were forced to swear allegiance to the Orions. Gambling halls, brothels and many of the illegal institutions in Raam are owned by the Orions.
Color- White
Holdings- Donovan Castle, Prima, Seapoint
House Motto- For me and mine
Symbol- Crab
Bannermen- Raregroove, Kealoha, Bigana, Canary

Notable Members

Lord Burard Orion- 66 Years Old (Human)
The Orion family was small and one of countless minor noble families until Burard Orion took control. Through scheming and plotting, Burard has catapulted his family into prominence. He married his daughter to Spiere Rhyspell and was a major supporter of King Orinus during the Great Sky Warr. Burard is constantly plotting and devising how to climb further up the social ladder.
Lord Buard declared war on the Interim-Regent Lord Simon Ashby, believing the Ashby to have had the King murdered after assuring that his family would gain more power. Burard commands the expertly trained and tested generals of the South and launches them at the Ashbys.

Ser Galta Orion- 36 Years Old (Human)(Deceased)
Born sickly and small, Galta Orion has overcome his physical ailments and constantly attempts to improve himself. Considered one of the best men with a longsword, Galta constantly uses his small band of men to hunt, chase down both wild men and half-men, and add more trophies to his grand hall. Burard and many other nobles are pushing hard to wed Tamara to Sir Galta Orion.
After Orinas announced his intentions to wed his daughter to his nephew Seagar, Galta stormed out of the throne room. He now commands a large part of his father’s army in their war against the Ashbys. Galta was killed in Belbe during a public execution of the Twelve Faced God’s followers.

Dorfe Orion- 29 Years Old (Human)
Burard’s second son, a foppish and well dressed man. Dorfe is known primarily for his love of brothels, gambling and hard drink. Dorfe is married to a Dwarven woman who he continually abuses and together they have a young mul son. Dorfe resents his family and their continuous struggle to climb further up the noble ranks.

Megara Orion- 16 Years Old (Human)
Burard’s youngest child and the most difficult for him to be around. Megara is headstrong and independent, she chopped her hair off and lived the life of a peasant farmhand for several months until her father’s men tracked her down. Burard has decided that Megara would be too difficult to wed off and volunteered her to join the sisterhood at Four Corners

Panata Orion- 34 Years Old (Formerly a Gwyncairn) (Dwarf)
Dorfe’s ignored and oft-abused dwarven wife. Panata was known as one the strongest and battle-ready warriors of Havelia but is shunned and pushed around by her husband. She was only married to the Orions as a way for both the Gwyncairns and Orions to strengthen their power base.

Tizell Orion- 30 Years Old (Human)
The nephew of Burard Orion, Tizell nor his immediate family ever saw his family as qualified to the King’s guard, but once Burard had put them on the path to ascension, Tizell was volunteered to join the Kings guard and further increase the profile of the Orion family. Tizell is short but owns it, he wears flowing cloaks and is adept at blending into shadows when he needs to.

Varla Orion- 42 Years Old (Human)(Deceased)(Formerly a Baylord)

Tycho Orion- 57 Years Old (Human)

Marie Orion- 51 Years Old (Human) (Formerly Neveu)

Incram Orion- 58 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)

Donovan Orion- 50 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)

Celia Orion- 48 Years Old (Human)(Deceased)(Formerly a Bigana)

Rianna Orion- 82 Years Old (Human)(Deceased)(Formerly a Canary)

Tamin Orion- 47 Years Old (Human)

Amneris Orion- 38 Years Old (Human)(Deceased)

Katniss Al-Fateed- 36 Years Old (Human)

Sarastro Al-Fateed- 37 Years Old (Ifrit)

Brutus Orion- 11 Years Old (Human)

Salim Al-Fateed- 12 Years Old (Human)

Jarar Al-Fateed- 9 Years Old (Human)

Shar Al-Fateed- 9 Years Old (Ifrit)

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