The Ocherals-
A once-loved and prominent family, the Ocherals were almost entirely wiped out ten years ago when they staged a masive coup against the Akashkas. The coup failed and all the conspirators were caught and executed, but the ruling family didn’t stop there. The women, children and men uninvolved in the coup were rouned up and executed in a showing of royal power. Orinus claimed to have nearly wiped out the entire line of Ocherals, from being one of the most important families to names that history will soon forget.
Color- Grey
Holdings- Raleigh Castle
House Motto- With patience though wilt conquer
Symbol- Unicorn
Used to rule Prima

The Ocheral Family:

Lord Graylin Ocheral- 74 Years old (Aasimar)(Deceased)
Patriarch of the powerful and feared Ocheral family. The Ocherals holdings had always been vast and their standing army and bannermen were twice the size of any other family. Graylin led a surprise attack on the Akashkas just over ten years ago and succeeded in killing many of the Akashka’s bannermen, family members and crippling their ability to strike back. It is said that if it wasn’t for the Orion’s defection from the Ocherals to the side of the Akashka’s, the coup may have been successful. Graylin and his forces were eventually beaten back from Byron’s light and back to Raleigh Castle where Virot Mertuiel ran the old man through with his sword.

Lady Sarah Ocheral- 63 Years Old (Human) (Formerly an Orion) (Deceased)
Sister to Burard Orion. Sarah was married into the Ocherals as a way of combining the rapidly growing power of the Orion family and the might of the Ocheral family. Sarah gave Graylin many strong children and lived a happy life at Raleigh castle until death quietly came for her in the night, years befroe the coup.

Owlain Ocheral- 68 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
Younger brother of Graylin Ocheral. Commander of the Grey Cowled Knights and watcher of the Dragon’s Jungle. Killed during the coup.

Freya Ocheral- 70 Years old (Formerly an Ashby) (Deceased)
Aunt of Lord Simon Ashby. Married to Owlain Ocheral. Gave him three children, Jayce, Belric and Cecilia. Killed during the coup.

Gaspar Ocheral- 46 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
Oldest son of Graylin Ocheral. Once served on the King’s Guard. Gaspar was known as an honest and plain spoken man, who would dine with his servants and vassals. Gaspar had been good friends with Beacher Akashka until the coup. Killed at Raleigh Castle during the coup.

Mirri Ocheral- 40 Years old (Deceased) (Human) (Formerly a Rhyspell)
Wife Gaspar Ocheral and sister of Cortanel Rhyspell. Killed along with her children at their keep outside of the Prima Port.

Tessius Ocheral- 38 Years old (Deceased) (Human)
Middle son of Graylin Ocheral, married to Hilden Ashby. Tessius was a collector of fine wines and spirits and would regularly have lords and ladies to his grand estates and wineries to weeks on end. Tessius was a favorite among nobles. He was completely uninvolved in the coup but that didnt stop Orinas from ordering his execution. He is survived by his daughter Tamara.

Canar Ocheral- 37 Years Old (Deceased) (Aasimar)
The striking image of his father, Canar was the only one of Graylin’s children to inherit his Aasimar form. Canar was tough and physically imposing, a man of great faith and pious in his worship of Ahlandriel. Canar personally led the first attack against the Akashka’s but was killed by Galta Orion when they switched sides.

Kamia Ocheral- 34 Years Old (Deceased) (Human) (Formerly a Raregroove)
Wife of Canar Ocheral. The Raregrooves were then bannermen to the Ocherals and sought to marry into the family. Kamia through herself from a tower after hearing about the the death of his husband at the hands of Galta Orion.

Belric Ocheral- 55 Years Old (Aasimar) (Deceased)
Oldest son of Owlain and Freya Ocheral. One of the main hands in the coup. Belric was a strong warrior and personally slew many of the Akashka’s bannermen and champions. Eventually however, her was captured and then publicly beheaded in Byron’s Light by his own son, Jasper.

Sonya Ocheral- 50 Years Old (Human) (Deceased) (Formerly a Canary)
Daughter of Tariff Canary sister to the Knight of Feathers, Tylair Canary. Sonya was married to Belric Ocheral and gave him three children. The Canary’s fought alongside the Ocheral’s during the coup and many were purged along with the Ocherals. Sonya was killed by her own son Jasper who locked her and her two younger children into their bedrooms and set the house ablaze.

Jayce Ocheral- 51 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
Middle child of Owlain and Freya. Jayce was mostly uninvolved with the coup, only truly contributing to the effort when the royal army struck back at the Ocheral holdings. Jayce died defending his keep from invading forces.

Beela Ocheral-54 Years Old (Human) (Deceaed) (Formerly a Porfea)
Wife of Jayce Ocheral. From the wealthy Porfea clan, it is rumored that Beela had tried to escape back home before the coup but Graylin forbade her under penalty of death if she left her husband’s keep. She was killed alongside her husband, she is survived by her daughter, Emma.

Jasper Ocheral- 34 years old (Human)
Oldest son of Belric and Sonya, one of the few Ocheral’s left alive after the coup. Jasper had recently joined the ranks of the King’s guard before his family struck out against the crown. Jasper stayed loyal to the Akashka’s and proved his loyalty by burning his family’s estate down while locking his mother and younger siblings inside. Jasper then publicly beheaded his father in Byron’s Light. It is said these severe actions are what kept Jasper alive after the Ocheral purge.

Retin Ocheral- 16 Years old (Deceased) (Human)
The middle child of Sonya and Belric Ocheral. Retin had displayed interest in becoming a paladin and following in the footsteps of his older brother before the coup started. Retin was killed along with his mother and sister when Jasper set their house on fire.

Freya II Ocheral- 9 Years Old (Deceased) (Aasimar)
The youngest child of Belric and Sonya Ocheral. Freya II was named for her grandmother and born an Aasimar like her father. It was arranged early in her life that Freya II would marry into the Ashby’s but she was killed during the end of the purge by her older brother Jasper.

Tucker Ocheral- 23 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
The oldest son of Gaspar and heir to the Ocheral legacy. Tucker led several important strikes against the Akashka’s early in the coup. He was one of the first casualities when he lead a raiding party of 400 men into the heart of Byron’s Light. It was a trap and all men were killed in a massive explosion.

Lynn Ocheral- 26 Years Old (Human) (Deceased) (Formerly a Bailey)
A daughter of the Bailey family, Lynn had grown up as a hunter in the Azure Veil. It was arranged that she would marry into the Ocherals and she was captivated by Tucker’s charm and bravado. Lynn stood by her new family during the coup and was killed along with her mother-in-law and young son during the purge.

Xander Ocheral- 1 Year Old (Aasimar) (Deceased)
Prophesied to be the angelic host on earth by many clerics of Ahlandriel, Xander was the child of Lynn and Tucker Ocheral. His life was cut short when Kirklan Rox repeatedly struck him with a mace in front of his mother and grandmother.

August Ocheral- 20 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
When it seemed the coup would not be as swift as the Ocheral’s had hoped or as clean, August sought to avenge his brother’s death by what he viewed as a dirty trick of the Akashka’s. August challenged Beacher Akashka to a duel for honor, which to many people’s surprise, Beacher accepted. August was a fine swordsman but Beacher was superb and easily matched blows with August until he decided he’d had enough and ended the duel with a single blow to August’s chest, instantly killing him.

Graylin II Ocheral- 18 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
Named for his grandfather, Graylin II was the youngest of Gaspar’s children. Graylin had been sent to Tinslyn to study the magic arts but when his family began their attack he was taken hostage by the Akashka’s during the entirety of the conflict. When the Akashka’s victory was complete, Graylin II was marched out into the public square of Byron’s Light and beheaded, begining what is now refered to as ‘The Ocheral Purge’.

Hector Ocheral- 17 years old (Deceased) (Human)
Oldest child of Canar Ocheral, Hector had been one of the few Ocherals to escape the bloody destruction of his family. Hector was raised by the Marquis DeWilde in secret and has led a small band of men out to the country side to rescue his lord. Hector is sensitive and touchy about his rank as a nobleman. He wants to redeem his name and feels shackled by his predecessors. Hector was slain in the Azure Veil during an attack on the Weary Bones Brigade.

Ginny Ocheral- 2 Years Old (Deceased) (Aasimar)
Youngest child of Canar and Kamia. Ginny was allegedly skewered along with her nurse during the final days of the coup.

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