The Merteuils come from an ancient distinguished line predating the Kingdom of Bygaria. They’ve ruled a portion of the ancient Kingdom of Porre known as Maladomini since anyone could remember. The people of region are known for a strict adherance to law and order, many barristers and judges come from Maladomini. Maladomini is one of the few regions to have a state religion revolving around the worship of Asmodeus. The ruling family typically remains out of Kingdom politics due to the head of the family never ruling for more than a few years. This has changed recently due to Abrogail, who has remained the head of the family longer than any predecessor has managed to take the family to the court’s of Byron’s Light and entered the family into a new age of kingdom-wide power. While not as wealthy as the Rhyspells, the Merteuils control all the industry and commerce within Maladomini.
Color- Red
Holdings- Nessus Castle, Maladomini, Dusquell
House Motto- Let us prey
Symbol- Nightmare
Bannermen- Danceny, Neveu, DeRosan, Tourvel

Notable Members

Lady Abrogail Merteuil- 52 Years Old (Human)
Matriarch of the family since her father, Seerick, died due to a construction accident over twenty years ago. As Matrriach, Abrogail has cracked down on the families well-known in-fighting and expanded their power base by marrying off several of her nieces and nephews to similarly powerful nobles. Abrigail is a slender woman, aging with grace. Her raven hair undamaged by time and her smile still strong enough to stop a horse in it’s tracks.

Vailen Merteuil-Neveu 38 Years old (Deceased) (Human)
The younger brother to the head of the Neveu family, Seerick had chosen Vailen as a man for Abrogail to marry and bare children to. Twelve years ago, Vailen and a crew of his finest red cowled knights were ambushed in the mountains by Maladomini and slaughtered, the Lord of Nessus was only identified by the rings on his fingers. With Vailen gone, many thought Abrogail would seek to remarry but in the time since she has only become more comfortable at ruling alone.

Nevron Merteuil- 24 Years Old (Human)

Virot Merteuil- 27 Years Old (Human)
Abrogail’s middle son and constant companion to Abrigail. Virot is easily the strongest, smartest and most ruthless of Abrigails children. Abrigail often mentions how the estate will go to Virot rather than Mikus, her older son.
Virot Merteuil has been publically sided with the Rhyspells, hoping to become king of the Bygaria by marrying the widow Meribell Akashka to justify his claim.

Mikus Merteuil- 31 Years Old (Human)
A small but cunning man. Mikus was his father’s favorite and technically next in line for the head of the Merteuil family but because of his longstanding grudge against his mother and Virot’s manipulations, Mikus spends much of his time away from Nessus and in Byron’s Light instead.

Teysa Merteuil- 25 Years Old (Human)
Powerful and gorgeous, Teysa Merteuil has been engaged to more suitors than any other young noble woman. But something always seems to go wrong and her suitors often turn up dead shortly after meeting her for the first time. Teysa looks like her mother when she was younger, long black hair and pearly white skin.
Teysa approached her cousin Nevron with her mother’s plot to marry him off to either her or her cousin Narcissa. Teysa has made it very clear to her family and Nevron that she would enjoy marrying him and ruling Nessus together one day.

Nimor Merteuil- 50 Years Old (Human)
Oldest son of Seerick, sent to live a soldier’s life because Abrogail feared her would turn on her and claim the families power for himself. Head strong and a respected general, Nimor is known for an explosive temper and as a man who is quick to violence. Nimor lives in exile at the boarder between the Dragon’s Jungle and Byraria apart from his wife and son.

Lara Merteuil- Mid Forties (Formerly an Izlude) (Human)
Sister of Rilohse Izlude, married to Nimor Merteuil. Once her husband was exiled Lara was a constant target of Abrigail’s plots. Lara must have a servant taste all of her food before she eats, she’s lost four servants already. As an Izlude, Lara is softer than the other nobles at Castle Nessus and is regulated to little more than minor noble at court even though she is the daughter of one of the most prominent families of Bygraria.

Simara Merteuil- 47 years old (Formerly an Akashka) (Human)
Daughter of Maerudae Akashka, Simara was married into the Merteuil family as a way for the family to gain more influence and clout at Byron’s light. Unlike Lara, Simara has been gracefully accepted into the families fold. Simara keeps her head down around Abrogail and passed on her auburn hair to her children. Simara is a devout follower of the Songweaver and allowed to privately practice her beliefs within Maladomini.

Ryldais Merteuil- 49 years old (Human)
Husband of Simara, Ryldais is the youngest male child of Seerick. Ryldais is often used by his older siblings as a pawn in their schemes. He is most often sent to court on behalf of the family and has adopted many customs and fashions of Byron’s Light into his Maladomini hamlet. Ryldais allowed his children to grow up with ideals outside of the Merteuil, his progency sometimes secretly thought of as ‘wild’ and ‘untamed’.

Parva Merteuil- Deceased at 26 (Human)
Parva Merteuil was a minor Merteuil noble who was volunteered by her family to serve in the Kings Guard. Parva was chosen because of her far-off relationship with the rest of the family and the family would lose nothing by sending her away. Parva was slain during the Great Sky War while attending to wounded soldiers.

Ryldais Merteuil II- 25 years old (Human) (Deceased)
Oldest son of Ryldais I and Simara Merteuil. Ryldais II openly mocks some of the great traditions of the Merteuil and has sworn off most of his family entirely. He is one of the most famous converts to the faith of the twelve faced god. He was personally converted by St. Ajora and now travels with her, protecting her at all times as her bodyguard and paladin.
Ryldais II has gone into hiding in Belbe along with Saint Ajora and Princess Tamara.
When the Orion forces moved into Belbe, Ryldais the younger was discovered among the Twelve Faced Gods disciples. Ryldais refused to compromise or turn on his faith so in frustration, Galta Orion had him publicly executed.

Arianna Merteuil- 17 years old (Human)
Youngest daughter of Ryldais I and Simara, one of the few Merteuil without the characteristic black hair and red eyes. Arianna has dark gold hair and blue eyes but the pale white skin of the Merteuil. Abrogail sees Arianna as a possibility to control and strike down Ryldais’ politically diverse brood. Abrogail is plotting to marry Arianna off to the dwarves of Havelia, as a way of gaining a much needed alliance with the dwarfs and getting rid of a more unpredictable Merteuil family member.

Narcissa Merteuil- 23 years old (Human)
The twin of Naje Merteuil, and the only one of Ryldais’ children that truly follows in the steps of the Merteuil. Narcissa spends much of her time in the courts of Nessus, often spending much alone time with her favorite aunt Abrogail. Narcissa is treated very well by Abrogail and given special privileges and gifts that few ever experience.

Aidar Merteuil- 70 Years Old (Human)
The oldest living Merteuil and younger brother of Seerick. Aidar has served as the Marquis for the southern half of Maladomini for nearly his entire life and shows no sign of slowing down. In his youth Aidar was a powerful and wrathful man, he has cooled as he’s gotten older. He is protective of his family but will act against them should they ever displease him.

Seerick Merteuil- 54 Years Old (Human) (Deceased)
The former head of the Merteuil. Seerick and his daughter Abrogail had an unbreakable bond from the time she was a young girl. He schooled her himself, aside from typical studies he would teach her to ride, sing, pray and imparted all of the Merteuil family’s dark secrets to her. Seerick had less time for his younger children and insisted that nannys or their mother bother with them. Seerick was completing a tour of a new Cathedral in Dusquell when a beam crashed through the ceilings and crushed him.

Sonya Merteuil- 61 Years Old (Human) (Deceased) (Formerly a Bigana)
Unusually tan for a bride of the Merteuil, Sonya grew up in Raam alongside her large desert-dwelling family. As the youngest daughter of six, five of which were girls, Sonya never imagined she would have a decent marriage match, but fate intervened when Maladomi Merteuil came to visit Raam during the Blood Games. She was seated next to the visiting Lord during the games and he became taken in by her wit and manner. He proposed a marriage between his son and Sonya to her father that night. Sonya was strict with her children but as loving as the customs of Maladomini would allow. She passed away in Nessus Castle several years after her husband, in her sleep.

Mary Merteuil- 65 Years Old (Human) (Formerly an Ashby)
The Aunt of Simon Ashby, Mary was married into the Merteuil for her significant dowry and the Ashby’s rumored family trait of always producing strong sons. Aidar and Mary never truly loved or even cared for each other, but to both, appearances have always come first. Mary lives in a grand Manse in the South of Maladomini with her husband, son and grandchildren. Mary gave birth to one son, Soren and two girls Violet (Ellawood) and Maladi (Tourvel).

Soren Merteuil- 46 Years Old (Human)
Eldest child of Aidar and Mary, Soren will inherit his father’s title of Marquis of Southern Maladomini when his father passes on. Soren is cynical but devout man. He is a fierce worshipper of Asmodeus but will openly question church doctrine and traditions to provoke conversation and thought. Soren is passionate about philosophy and the God of Ambition, he often leads lectures on the topic in Dusquell University.

Lucinda Merteuil- 42 Years Old (Human) (Formerly a Porfea)
One of the many Porfea girls, Lucinda was relieved to be marrying Soren Merteuil, a handsome and wealthy Marquis. Lucinda has long dark brown hair with streaks of platinum blonde running down the right side. She is known throughout Maladomini for her wild temper and frequent shouting tantrums she will engage in on a daily basis. She lives her life paranoid of something and every day she becomes angrier and more agitated.

Marius Merteuil- 23 Years Old (Human)
Twin of Colfier and son of Soren, the elder of the twins. Marius is an ambitious and calculative man with eyes for a more powerful seat than that of his fathers or grandfathers. He is a frequent visitor of Abrogails and never too far from his identical twin brother Colfier. Marius is a skilled brawler and never stops to think before making a move.

Colfier Merteuil- 23 Years Old (Human)
Twin of Marius and son of Soren, the younger of the twins. Colfier is quiet and contemplative, exactly like his twin brother in description except where Marius is raven haired, Colfier’s hair like his Porfea mother. Colfier has been seeking a peace from within, believing he will never be satisfied by what the world has to offer. Colfier and Marius have both been taking classes with a Aidonese teacher since they were children, Colfier takes the lessons of patience and self-discipline to heart.



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