Symbol- Two standing white weasels against dark green
Sworn to the Rhyspells
Defining Characteristics- Dark green eyes
Holdings- Farley Square
The Greenstones know that they owe everything they have to the Rhyspells. When Jerba was first introduced into Bygaria, the Teagan’s were constantly attacking and diminishing Greenstone lands. The Rhyspells, sensing the Teagan’s would become a problem if not properly handled, threw their considerable wieght towards the Greenstones and lifted them up as their primary bannermen. The Greenstones are dedicated to the Rhyspells and possibly more pompous.

The Greenstone Family:

Millard Greenstone- 46 Years Old (Human)
Head of the Greenstone family after his father, Cheff Greenstone was killed during the Ocheral Coup. Millard is not a particularly strong warrior and he’s known to be quiet and indecisive. The Rhyspells have a firm grasp of Millard and his forces.

Samuel Greenstone-25 years old, human.
A young nephew of the Greenstone family. His father, Lorence Greenstone is a well respected general and has served Speire Rhyspell closely over the last few years. Lorence is considered the better brother between him and Millard, but Millard is the elder and therefore the head of the family. Samuel however, is a bookish intellectual type. He’s had some training as a wizard but left Tinslyn after barely a year, he left to study magic and lost knowledge of Morbikhan, the Thrash Basin and Vidruma. Last anybody heard, Samuel was still off somewhere, taking notes on the strange things he’d uncovered.
Samuel had found work with the Rhox family and Spiere Rhyspell by helping train the warforged in arts and humanities to help prevent them from having a mental crisis on the battlefield. He was captured by the Kingsguard and imprisoned in Kingsloft

Lorence Greenstone- 45 Years old, human
Younger brother of Millard Greenstone. Lorence works at the side of Spiere Rhyspell. Helping him coordinate attacks and serving as an advisor to the young Lord.


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