Symbol- A blue dragon head against black
Sworn to the Akashkas
Defining characteristics- Dark blue eyes
Holdings- Tinslyn
The lords of Tinslyn. The Gorbez family prides themselves on their magical abilities and skills with lances. Many sons and daughters of the Gorbez family end up as grandmasters at Tinslyn Magic Academy or as generals, serving the Akashkas.

The Gorbez Family:

Nancy Gorbez- (formerly a Carbourn)- A proud and strong woman. Nancy gave birth to four strong Gorbez boys who are all still in the capital. Her husband had died several years ago while jousting. Nancy rules Tinslyn and the surrounding area very well, she is well liked by her people.

George Gorbez- 33 Years old (Human)
Heir of the Gorbez family and oldest of the four Gorbez brothers. George is married to the younger sister of Gracia Carbourne and has two small daughters. George has a passing interest in battle but as he’s gotten older he’s become more focused on learning to rule effectively.

Revor Gorbez- 27 Years old (Human)
The second oldest son of the Gorbez family. Revor knew George would gain glory for his family through leadership. Revor sought glory elsewhere and joined the Dragon Slayer’s Guild. Revor has quickly risen up in the ranks and allegedly carries on an intense sexual relationship with Marissa Yin.

Ser Briddos Gorbez- 25 Years old (Human)
Third son of the Gorbez family. Briddos is the only knight out of his brothers. Briddos was a valiant knight during the Great Sky War. He serves in Byron’s Light as a games master and goes throughout the kingdom scheduling and creating tourneys.

Glass Gorbez- 16 Years old (Human)
The youngest son of the Gorbez family. Glass is the most handsome member of his family and possibly the one most destined for greatness. He was born under the blue star of the Vastean Sea. His family doesn’t seem to have a great idea for their young fourth son, but support him in his pursuit of knighthood and glory.


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