Symbol- A purple eye slashed with three yellow lines
Sworn to the Merteuils
Defining Characteristics- Tall frames, contemplative minds, tattoos that dance and move along skin

The least conformist to Abrogail’s vision of the world of the Merteuil bannermen. The DeRosan’s are among the first families to have power in Bygaria. The protect the Yak Folk in the Maladomini hills due to an ancient bargain between the founder of the Merteuil and DeRosan families. The DeRosan’s are known for their intelligence, wit and that the ruling patriarch is always named Erebus. Erebus the 33rd is currently the head of the DeRosan family.

The DeRosan Family:

Lord Erebus DeRosan- ??? Years old (Human?)
The Lord of Westcrown and twentieth of his name. Erebus was named godfather of Nevron Merteuil and forged for him his magical black blade. Erebus is rumored to have vast mental powers and the ability to keep his appearance young. He is a tall, well built man with a cleanly shaved bald head. Tattoos in the shapes of black barbed ribbons dance along his scalp, neck and shoulders.

Lady Trace DeRosan- 36 Years Old (Human)(Formerly a Teagan)
A woman of dark red hair and formerly of the Teagans. Trace is a calm and collected woman, she is quiet but resolved in her convictions.

Chelia DeRosan- 12 Years Old (Human?)
The young daughter of Erebus and Trace. Chelia is interested in the psychic arts and nobility life outside of Westcrown and Maladomini.


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