Symbol- A black rose against a red triangle
Sworn to the Merteuil
Defining characteristics- Dark skin, dark brown hair
The lords of northern Maladomini. The Danceny are dark skin and featured. They pride themselves in the service to the sacred land of the Twist Thicket and their loyal service to the Crown. Despite being sworn to the Mertueil, the Danceny are often angered by how often the ruling family would ignore the Dancenys, choosing instead to marry into the Neveu or Tourvel. The Danceny have since become very close to the Izludes through marriage.

The Danceny Family:

Lord Ambrose Danceny- 46 Years Old (Human)
The lord of the northern Maladomini thickets and Devil’s Head Point. Lord Ambrose has sat as the head of the Danceny power since his father was killed visiting Nessus in an accident some thirty years ago. Ambrose has always suspected foul play on behalf of the Merteuils and has made strides to distance himself and the Danceny from the ruling family, choosing instead to seak a secondary alliance with the Izludes.

Ser Chevalier Danceny- 21 Years Old (Human)
A young knight with long black that falls in ringlets around his back. Chevalier is close friends with Nevron Merteuil after he was given to Lara Merteuil as a ward while his father fought in the Ocheral Purge. The two have remained close, often out hunting or attending social events in Dusquell together. Chevalier is an accomplished tournament champion in Maladomini who is seeking to gain further fame by competing in Byron’s Light or Raamish tournaments.


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