Symbol- Clashing Golden Scimitars on black
Sworn to the Orions
Defining characteristics- Fine black hair, brown eyes
Holdings- Raam
The lords of the Dark Sands. The Bigana’s have built a massive sandstone castle in the shadow of New Umtao. The Biganas fought alongside the Ocherals during the coup but many were spared when they vowed loyalty to the crown and the Orions.

The Bigana Family:

Salvatore Bigana- 50 Years old (Human0
Head of the Bigana family and lord of Raam. Salvatore is a large man who rarely leaves the luxury minipalace of Raam. Salvatore is a heavy drinker, gambler and prone to violent moody outbursts. He loves the bloodsport and hot nights of Raam.

Yasna Bigana- 40 Years Old (Human) (Formerly Narismah)
A Rocynese princess, married into the Bigana family to alleviate her family of their many children. Yasna despises Salvatore but is a doting mother to Rafa.

Rafa Bigana- 17 Years old (Human)
The nubile and young lady of the Bigana family. Dark tan skin, raven black hair and large brown eyes. Rafa is a talented fighter and exquisite beauty.

Gravin Bigana- 44 Years old (Human)
The younger brother to the head of the Bigana family. Gravin had been very close with many of the Ocheral family members and would often accompany them abroad. He practically lived at the Raliegh courts for many years. He lost his left hand for his participation in the Ocheral Coup.


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