The Ashbys
Noble and courteous, the Ashby’s rule over the city of Belbe and the numerious hamlets and towns surrounding the metropolis. The Ashby’s are lenient with their many poor and disenfranchised and are largely forgiving of debts and taxes. They have constant feuds with the lords under their rule over matters of corruption but are unable to strike them down due to ties with the other great noble houses. The Ashby’s are loved by the common people and strongly disliked by many other houses, particularly the Merteuils and Rhyspells.
Color- Black
Holdings- Limberry Castle, Porre
House Motto- Virtue is the only nobility
Symbol- Boar
Bannermen- DeWilde, Porre, Gild, Sinchella

The Ashby Family:

Lord Simon Ashby- 45 Years old (Human)
Popular with the common man, Lord Simon Ashby is particularly loathed by most high noble families. The Ashby’s have never had a lot of money but the region of Bygaria that is theirs contains a large amount of the population, most of whom are poor and unable to pay into their Lord’s pocket. Lord Simon allows his people to not pay taxes and champions their causes when appearing before the court at Byron’s Light. Lord Simon had a large part in the upbringing of Princess Tamara, who after the Ocheral coup, was made Tamara’s guardian. It is said that Ashby is pressuring the aging king to appoint him guardian of Orinus III as well.
After the death of Orinas II, Simon Ashby was made Interim-King until Seagar Akashka came of age who would then step down once Orinas the third finally came of age. Many nobles believe Simon Ashby orchestrated the death of the King, prompting the Orions to swiftly launch an offensive on the family.

Lady Duilya Ashby- 200 years old (Formerly a Starym) (Elf)
Stylish and conservative, Lord Simon is rarely seen without his doting and beautiful elven wife Lady Duilya. The two met when Ashby was a young man visiting Al Jinh on holiday and their young love bloomed into a real romance among noble families. Duilya dresses akin to her homeland but on special occasions astonishes her human subjects by how well she can ‘pull off human’.

Gerrinas ‘Gerry’ Ashby- 22 Years Old (Half-Elf)
Lord Simon’s oldest son, Gerrinas is a constant ambassador of the Ashby family to the other courts of Bygaria. To forge stronger relations with the other families, Gerrinas and his entourage will bring gifts and treasures to powerful men and women. Gerrinas is thin and handsome, his elvish features prominent in his ears and skill with a blade.

Mathias Ashby- 21 Years Old (Half Elf)
Ashby’s middle child, Mathias takes more after his father. He has long golden hair and is far more muscled than a typicall half-elf. Mathias’ ears are distinctly human and many people believe her had them corrected to appear more human and less elf. Mathias is insecure and quick to defend his family’s honor but not as skilled a combatant as his older brother.

Pianna Ashby- 16 Years old (Formerly an Ocheral) (Aasimar)
Daughter of Canar Ocheral and taken in by Lady Duilya at the end of the coup, Pianna was only six at the time and would have been slaughtered along with the rest of her family if Duilya hadn’t taken a shining to the girl prior to the coup. Duilya requested Pianna be spared from the eradication of her family and be adopted into the Ashby family. Pianna is now grasping the full complications of her family heritage and is bullied by the other nobles at court.



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