The Akashka family has sat on the crown for nearly 1000 years, they claim to be able to trace their lineage back to the original King Bygar. The Akashka’s are related to every other noble family, mostly by blood. Over the generations, the Akashka’s have shrunk due to their seat of power theres become less and less of them. King Orinus the Second is near death and lost both of his sons in the Great Sky War. This leaves the kingdom with a 1 year old prince and his 20 year old adopted daughter. The Ashby family is the legal gaurdian to Tamara and Orinus III but are disliked by many nobles. The nobles would rather Tamara marry Sir Galta Orion, from the rising star family and a man who would let the nobles have their way.
Color- Gold
Holdings- Byron’s Light, The Fords
House Motto- “As old as honor”
Symbol- Griffin
Bannermen- Gorbez, Carbourne, Sygila, Porfea

The Royal Family, The Akashka Family:

King Orinas Akasaka II 87 years old (Human)(Deceased)
A once great and powerful king, Orinus the second is in a state of rapidly declining health. He personally lead two successful wars to expand the kingdom. He then set his sights on the floating kingdom of Umtao and after what was known as ‘The Great Sky War’ was forced to abandon his campaign due to the amount of casualties and unpopularity with most of the country. Now Orinas sits on his throne, quietly dying, with no clear successor to his throne.
Orinas met his end during the tournament thrown for the first day for his one year old son, Orinas the third. A Rocynese assassin, known as the Silent Men stabbed him through in his bedchambers. His body was discovered by his adopted daughter, Tamara.

Queen Hilden Akashka, 39 years old (formerly Ashby and an Ocheral) (Human)
Second wife to Orinas II, formerly married to a minor Ocheral lord. The marriage was voided after the Ocheral coup, and all Ocherals were stripped of rank and power and most of them beheaded. Hilden’s first husband was not involved in the rebellion but beheaded anyhow. As a show of solidarity for the Ashbys, who were politically and socially close to the Ocherals, Hilden was married to King Akashka and her daughter Tamara was adopted by him. Many of the nobles despise Hilden for the rise in power she has given to the Ashbys and for her close ties with the Ocherals.

Prince Orinas Akashka III. 1 year old (Human)
A small, but healthy baby boy. Orinas’ only remaining son, after he lost his two older sons to battle with New Umtao. Orinas III was born to Hilden.

Princess Tamara Akashka, 20 years old (Formerly an Ocheral) (Human)
Hilden’s daughter, unrelated to Orinas but he has adopted her into his family. Every day, dozens of suitors arrive at Bryron’s Light to take Tamara as a bride, but all have been rejected by her mother. Tamara looks like an Ocheral, she has delicate features, honey colored hair and sparkling purple eyes. She is fairly religious and takes her prayers to the Songweaver quite seriously for a noble lady.
Princess Tamara has gone into hiding after being kidnapped from the King’s Guard. She has been hidden in Belbe by Saint Ajora and Shain Hirall.

Najsh Akashka (Porre)- 46 years old (Human)
Son of Maerudae, Najsh swore himself in duty of the king and personally trains all of the king guard. Najsh seems uninterested in politics and the devising of the other families, Najsh could have any kind of life he’d desired but instead chose to remain in Tinslyn, training young soldiers and the elite.
Najsh has taken up at Byron’s Light, commanding forces and defending the capitol while Simon Ashby defends the Southern half of the Kingdom from the Orions.

Prince Beacher Akashka- 30 Years old (Deceased) (Human)
Orinus II’s oldest son and heir to the throne until his death during the Great Sky War. Beacher was the commander of the Kingdom’s forces during several conflicts and was a decorated hero. Known for his calm demeanor and his mercy to conquered peoples, Beacher was highly anticipated to take the throne after his father but that ended during an early battle in the Great Sky War. Beacher’s forces were attempting to sneak into New Umtao by enchanted flight when the spell was dissipated and the army fell back to the ground, sparing none.

Prince Dalf Akashka- 25 Years old (Deceased) (Human)
Killed by Siratem XXV in a personal duel near the end of the war. Dalf had assumed his older brother’s position as heir to the throne and challenged the sky king to end the war with honor. Siratem over powered the inexperienced prince and struck a blow that left Prince Dalf dead within the week.

Meribell Akashka- 24 Years old (Formerly a Rhyspell) (Human)
The young widow of Prince Beacher and daughter of Tythian Rhyspell. Meribell was supposed to be queen and had been groomed her enitre life to sit on the throne. With the death of her husband during the Sky War, Meribell found herself an outsider in Byron’s Light. She is still treated as a royal family member, but no longer holds the signifigance she once did.

Cherish Akashka- 27 Years old (Formerly an Izlude) (Human)
The daughter of Stegys Izlude, Cherish has dark coffee colored skin and raven black hair. A serious and passionate woman, Cherish is known for championing many causes for common people and works at fostering better relations between Byron’s Light and Maladomini, the region of her mother. Cherish had begged her husband Dalf to call off the duel with the much more experienced Prince Siratem, her cries of anguish were said to shake the floating nation of New Umtao.

Queen Iordan Akashka- 64 Years Old (Deceased, Formerly a Sygila) (Human)
Iordan was Queen for many years and gave the King his two sons, Beacher and Dalf. The Sygila’s are a sworn house to the Akashka’s and Iordan was married into the Royal Family as a gesture to strengthen the two houses. Iordan came down with a rare disease which she slowly withered over the course of a year until she finally succumbed to her illness. At the time Orinus said he would never remarry.

Maerudae Akashka- 68 Years Old (Human)
The daughter of Orinus I and sister of Orinus II. Maerudae is known for extravagance and a sense of refinement that will often get in the way of the smalles of acts. Maerudae is uptight and known for exploding at her servants and other royals when things do not go as she plans. She keeps a smiling public face but her temper and strict adherance to formality is known throughout the kingdom.

Nikolas Akashka-Porre- 64 Years Old (Human)
A bannerman of the Ashbys, the Porre family is old and used to be very powerful as they are descended from the rulers of the ancient kingdom of Porre. Nikolas Porre was sought out by Maerudae as she thought he was the only one who was refined enough to marry her. Nikolas has a large collection of relics from the Kingdom’s past. His is known for indulging in his grandchildren.

Stocard Akashka- 38 Years old (formerly a Porfea) (Human)
The capable and handy wife of Najsh Akashka. From the very wealthy Porfea family, Stocard separates herself by enjoying riding, hunting and sport. She regularly competes in sword and archery tournaments throught the kingdom. Her marriage to Najsh is a happy one despite the arranged and politicized union.

Seagar Akashka- 9 Years Old (Human)
The son of Stocard and Najsh Akashka. Seagar is a bright and strong young boy who has taken an interest in both the sword and the arcane. His parents encourage him in both pursuits and have recently considered trying to find a magus that will instruct Seagar in the art.
One of the dying wishes of King Orinas II was that his nephew Seagar marry his daughter Tamara. Many expect the wedding to commence when the princess is located and returned to Byron’s Light. Until then, because of violence and political pressure, Seagar has been put under protection of Old Guard member Wrivly Swift and the two have been in hiding since the King’s assassination.

Fehgan Akashka- 38 Years Old (Human)
Daughter of Maerudae Akashka and Nikolas Porre. Fehgan was arranged to marry Harrick Greenstone, the heir to the Greenstone family, but shortly before her wedding began showing visible signs of pregnancy. Disgraced, Fehgan gave birth to the child who was then whisked away. The arrangement with the Greenstones fell apart and Fehgan was sent away by her mother to live at Four Corners.



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