The Staryms
An ancient elf family that ages it’s rule of Al Jinh to before the world becoming whole. The Staryms are proud and hold all power in the floating island of Al Jinh. The Staryms are known as the Djinn Slayers for fighting back the magical men from ledges of Al Jinh and claiming the land for the elves. The Staryms have been forced to accept paying tribute to Bygaria every year, but hold their heads in pride over the lowlands.
Holdings- Al Jinh
House Motto- To rise above and prevail
Symbol- Winged Stag

The Starym Family:

King Lenwe Starym- Roughly 400 years old (Elf)
Thoughtful ruler of Al Jinh. Lenwe has had many sons and daughters as a way to secure his spot in Bygaria’s favor. He rules cautiously, never taking a side in the war between New Umtao and Bygaria and always thinking about what will be best for the Elves. Many nobles in Bygaria are related to Lenwe through blood or marriage, making him a popular figure in Bygarian courts.

Queen Ainariel Starym- Roughly 350 years old, formerly a Calantha (Elf)
A controlling and scheming queen. Ainariel fears the growth of Bygaria and her nations close ties with it.

Seiondram Starym- 220 Years old (Elf)
The second oldest son the King of Al Jinh. Seiondram is married to another elf noble. He is lithe and stands smaller than his brothers and sisters. Seiondram has a passion for tournaments and games. He is very close to his sister, Lady Duiyla and her husband, Lord Simon Ashby.


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