Symbol- Two eagle feathers, one black and one white, forming an X
Sworn to the Ashby
Defining Characteristics- Weaselly pinched faces, foul tempers, bullies
Holdings- Belbe
The corrupt lords of Belbe. The Sinchella are tedious and droll, known for their allegiance to truly only themselves, they often neglect to pay the Ashbys their due and are often complaining and outright flippant to the crown. As they control the largest city in Bygaria, the Sinchella believe themselves to be far more important than any of the noble families.

The Sinchella Family:

Greaves Sinchella- 65 Years old (Human)
Head of corrupt Sinchella family. Greaves is openly defiant against Lord Simon, Greaves rules Belbe however he sees fit. Greaves has become very close to the lords of Maladomini and the South Vastean.
Simon Ashby suspected one of his bannermen were leaking information to the otherside during the Bygarian Civil War. The Kings Guard uncovered Greaves’ plot with Burard Orion and the lord was arrested.

Harrick Sinchella- 23 Years old (Human)
The rat-like and bony eldest son of Greaves Sinchella. Harrick is shifty and known for his cowardice. Harrick has been arrested by Lord Simon Ashby after his father aligned himself with the Orions.

Malak Sinchella- 20 Years old (Human)
The younger son of Greaves Sinchella. Malak is also rat faced like his brother but has a stronger build. He’s moderately skilled with a lance and is a great champion in Belbe.


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