Races of Bygaria

Human- The primary race of Bygaria. As united as they are diverse.

Elf and half elves- Native to Al Jinh, the elves consider themselves a sky and forrest people. The elves of Al Jinh are respected by the rest of Bygaria. Many elves can be found married off to lords and ladies, to human they are ageless beauties. Because of the commonality of marriage between elf and human, many half elves can be found in Bygarian Courts.

Drow- Native to Morbikhan and the undertunnels, the drow were elves who adapted to the hellish environment of the old stone world. In Bygaria, now that Morbikhan has come under the control of the state, drow can be found throughout the major metorpolitan areas, though many prefer to be in places without too much light. By nature, the drow are chaotic and prone to aggression.

Dwarf and Mul- The survivors of a great disaster ages ago, the dwarves have founded the kingdom of Havelia for themselves but are now under the thumb of the State. Dwarves are strong, stubborn and rustic. The offspring of Dwarves and Humans produces the formidable ‘Mul’. A Mul is nearly hairless and are unable to produce offspring of their own. Mul’s stand roughy at 7 feet tall, don’t grow any hair and are rippled with msucle. Many mul can be found in Raam as gladiators or slave labor, but they are rare in courts since they cannot reproduce.

Halfling- Slow and gentle river folk, the halfling are known to be constantly moving along the Palkia. Caravans of halflings trade in rare fabrics and metals, trading for foods and other lavish expenses. The only permanent settlement halflings can be found in is Catswell.

Gnome- A feisty and flighty race, Gnomes can be found in small pockets of towns all over the Kingdom. Most gnomes are highly religious and follow the Songweaver devoutly. Gnomes also run underground black markets, known as ‘gnome markets’ in most major metropolitan areas.

Teifling- Devils, Demons, Daemons and other dark outsiders are no strangers to Bygaria and alliances and evil pacts with these creatures is staggeringly common. From these chance meeting and dark rituals, occasionally a child will be concieved. Tieflings can be found throughout Bygaria, however they are particularly concentrated in the Blacknam Moorland and Maladomini. Several noble families have tiefling members, a pressing reminder of a families hidden, or sometimes not so hidden, past.

Aasimar- Angels, Archons and Azatas while they haven’t given up on the world of Bygaria number far less than the forces of darkness. But there are many times throughout history where divine intervention from a good-aligned source has prevailed against the forces of destruction. It was not uncommon for an outsider to be taken in by the charms of a mortal and a child conceived. Aasimars are certainly rare, even in families that contain Aasimar traits, not every child will be born one. It is considered incredibly good luck and fortune to have an Aasimar child born into your family.

Dhampir-Very rare in Bygaria Kingdom but outside the borders become much more common. Vampires were long driven out of the Bygaria by a zealous crusade after the Half-Men were rallied up and thrown into the Dragon’s Jungle. The Vampires who were not killed by the Song Weaver Inquisitors fled across Havelia and settled in the small gloomy town of Quincy. From that time many vampires have taken human lovers, the Dhampir, their unattached offspring. Not quite alive and not quite dead.

Elan- Very rare and some believe extinct, race of abberations. The Elan look human but the similarities tend to end there. They are creatures created with immense psychic ability and can live forever so long as they are sustaining themselves on psychic energy. Elan cannot reproduce through natural means, a new Elan must be created from psychic energies, rituals and base components.

Half Men- The general term for all folk who are humanoid in appearance but take on a bestial quality. Kobolds, Lizard Folk, Merfolk, Minotaurs and many other races make up the half-men. It is common practice in Bygaria to discriminate and even kill half-men. Most Bygarians consider Half-Men dangerous, stupid and untrustworthy.

Races of Bygaria

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