Symbol- Two white towers on a blue sky
Sworn to the Ashby
Defining characteristics-
Holdings- Porre Capital
A minor house sworn to the Ashbys. The Porre still rule what is still left of the ancient and wondrous Porre capital and adorn their manors and keeps with artifacts and paintings from when their family were the kings and queens of the ancient kingdom of Porre. Now the family has shrunk and lost most of the regalia, still clinging to a past they can never relive.

The Porre Family:

Sergio Porre- 51 years old, human
Head of the Porre family after his older brother and all of his sons were killed during the Ocheral coup. Sergio has ruled Porre Capitol and Porre family for several years. His eldest son, Maiza has married into the Degrove family to tie the powerful might of the Izlude bannermen to the Porre family.

Firo Porre- 22 years old, Human
Second oldest son of Sergio Porre. Firo is a skilled knife fighter, card player and is reported to have dealings with the criminal underground of Porre Capitol. Firo was present at the Daemon attack on Limberry Castle and helped his brother guide people to safety.

Maiza Porre- 28 Years old, human
Eldest son of Sergio Porre. Maiza is charming and highly interested in alchemy. He’s been studying the art since he was a young boy and will tell anyone within earshot of his alchemical discoveries. He is married to the petite Della of the Degrove family.

Della Porre- Formerly a Degrove, 28 years old, human
Daughter of Chaser Degrove, Della has been married to Maiza for nearly four years. The two are deeply in love even though the marriage was arranged. Della, like the rest of her family, has a fierce passion for Mayael and Maiza had a garden and hedge maze constructed in Porre Capital to appease his new bride.

Eve Porre- 17 years old, human
Youngest daughter of Sergio Porre. Eve is thin and often sad. She’s an excellent adept and is skilled with divine and arcane magics.


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