Symbol- A great blue shark
Sworn to the Orions
Defining Characteristics- Dark skin, Light sandy hair, delicate features
Holdings- Ember Island
Lords of the islands of the Porre Ocean, the Kealoha fought alongside of the Ocheral’s during the coup. The Kealoha were the first of the bannermen after the Orions to give up the attack against the royal family when the coup failed. The Kealoha went back to their islands and stayed out of the purge and defense of Raleigh Castle. The Kealoha are known for their unique island traditions and culture. They are skilled sailors and dancers.

Bulwe Kealoha- 68 Years Old (Human)
Born of an ancient line of Ember Island Kings, Bulwe has been the head of his family since his mother died when he was a boy. Like the Merteuil, the Kealoha pass their holdings to the oldest heir, regardless of gender. Bulwe was a strong ally of the Ocherals in his younger years but quickly retreated his people and family back to Ember Island when it was apparent the coup had failed and was thus mostly spared during the Ocheral Purge. Bulwe’s health has been steadily declining in the last few years and he has been preparing his oldest daughter to take his position.

Makala Kealoha- 38 Years Old (Human)
Oldest child of Bulwe, Makala has been groomed from a young age to the ruler of the Ember Island. She was schooled under the finest teachers in Bygaria and has been in charge of the fisheries and markets of Ember Island since her late teens. She is very much in love with her husband Khalif, who she along with her father, handpicked due to a strong love between the two of them.

Khalif Bigana-Kealoha- 34 Years Old (Human)
Youngest brother of Salvatore Bigana. Khalif fell in love with Makala while they were studying together at Belbe Academy in their youth. Khalif is well read and an expert fighter, having grown up in Raam. He is also a doting father to his son Pilipo.

Kahekili Kealoha- 35 Years Old (Human)
Son of Bulwe, Kahekili was a notorious thug and drunk for many years. In his mid twenties he was engaged in a bar fight with a proud knight from the Azure Veil and killed him in a drunken stupor. Kahekili was to be executed but his father pardoned him, so long as he joined the Deadman’s Crusade. It was there that Kahekili found his calling, he became a devout worshiper of Kineas and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Commander of the Vastean Garrison.

Pilipo Kealoha- 12 Years Old (Human)
Mischievous and handsome, Pilipo is the heir to Ember Island. He has shown a great aptitude for magic from a young age and when he sleeps, lights and crude illusions will occasionally dance around him.


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