The Izludes
Strong and intimidating, the Izludes control a swath of land known as The Azure Veil. The people of Azure are known to be hard working, honest and simple. The bannermen and standing armies of the Izludes are particularly elite, a fearsome combative force on any baattlefield. The Izludes have longstanding rivalry with the Rhyspells but the two have been unusually civil to eachother in recent years. The Izludes have not made a public declaration towards who they would want to see sit on the throne.
Color- Blue
Holdings- The Azure Veil, Vormaive Castle, Oadem Garrison, Leafbridge
House Motto- Strength for my battle today, forsight for my battle tomorow.
Symbol- Wolf Hound
Bannermen- Bailey, Degrove, Nahail, Ellawood

Notable Members

Lord Rilohse Izlude- 63 Years Old (Human)
Head of the powerful and physically intimidating Izlude family. Rilohse served as Orinus’ right hand man for many successful campaigns and single handedly conquered Prima Port for the Kingdom of Bygaria. Rilohse is a heavy drinker and still competes in his Castle’s annual strength tournaments.

Paris Izlude- 58 Years old (Formerly a Swift) (Dragon Aspect)
Sister of the late Swift matriarch, Wretched Swift. Paris has dark red eyes and the ability to breath ice. Paris has been an adoring wife to Rilohse and a supportive mother to her children. She is rumored to have killed a servant herself who attempted to kill her oldest son by freezing him and throwing him from a tower.

Bryce Izlude- 28 years old (Human)
Oldest son of Rilohse and Paris, Bryce has emerged as a captivating member of the court and one of the few supporters of Lord Simon for the throne. Bryce is well muscled and a gifted lute player, he has been a champion of many tournaments and also performs at the Byron’s Light playhouse.

Paulos Izlude- 26 years old (Human)
A rare find in the Izlude family, Paulos Izlude was born a sorcerer and devotes his life to the study of the arcane. Rilohse never took a real liking to Paulos and tends to forget about him while listing his sons. Paulos has become one of the premier magicians in Tinslyn, at such a young age he has been given the title of Deputy Head Magi in Tinslyn Academy.
Paulos has returned home to Vormaive to help his family with the attack against the Rhyspells, but suspects his elder brother of less than honorable motives.

Lady Rosa Izlude- 32 years old (Human)
The oldest child of Rhilose Izlude, Rosa is one of the most powerful combatants in Bygaria. Carrying a greatsword where ever she goes, not even a Merteuil or Rhyspell would consider crossing her. Rosa was recently asked by her father to become a more proper lady and help him secure a new friendship with the Ashbys and marry one of Simon’s sons.
Rosa has become the interim head of the King’s Guard while Najsh commands Akashka forces in Byron’s Light. She is always at Tinslyn, sending out orders and resupplying the other King’s Guards.

Shain Hirall- 22 Years old (Human)
The bastard child of Rhilose Izlude, Shain Hirall is an unsure and minor figure in Vormaive Castle. Rhilose had taken a deep liking to Shain and raised him as he would any other of his sons. Because of his bastard status Shain is exempt from many of the private gatherings and other aristocratic affairs but Rhilose, attempting to find some weight for his bastard to carry, volunteered Shain to the King’s guard.
Shain was thought to have died shortly after joining the King’s Guard. He was saved from a devastating explosion by Saint Ajora who brought him to safety. Since then he has apparently converted and captured the Princess from the King’s Guard so that he may protect her.

Stegys Izlude- 52 years old (Human)
Younger brother of Rhilohse Izlude. Stegys works alongside the men at arms at the Dragon’s Jungle. He and Nimor Merteuil command the majority of the forces of the south forest patrol, Stegys is also one of the few non-Merteuil who can also be seen at Nessus Castle due to his friendship with Nimor. Stegys is loud and boistrous but beloved by his men and family.

Birch Izlude- 41 Years old (Human)
Youngest brother of Rhilose. Fell in love with a dwarven noble when he was just over twenty, Birch quickly married his drawven wife, Torlana Gwyncairn, daughter of the royal Havelia family. They quickly concieved a child but before Birch could even see his son born, his mother whisked him back to Vormaive and had the marriage anulled. Birch was then forced to remarry a woman of the Porfeas, in order to claim the sizable dowry. Birch had two children with his new wife and was made a lord of Leafbridge, a town on the Palik, just outside of the Azure Veil.

Sidmand Izlude- 16 Years old (human)
The second oldest son of Birch Izlude and heir of Leafbridge. Sidmand squired for Bryce Izlude for a many years before returning home to Leafbridge. He is eager to prove himself a man in battle and recieve his knighthood. Sidmand is wary of his mul half brother, that he may attempt to take away his claim for Leafbridge.

Eileed Izlude- 38 years old (human) (formerly a Porfea)
The second wife of Birch Izlude. A snobbish woman of the Porfeas with no love for the rustic untamed ways of the Izludes. Eileed has done her best to bring culture and riches to the outskirt town of Leafbridge but her attempts to civilize the area have found no support from anyone else.

Laretta Izlude- 13 Years old (human)
The youngest child of Eileed and Birch Izlude. Laretta is curious girl with a great devotion to Kineas. No family member had ever tried to convert her to the god of battle and glory but she’s fallen into his fold all the same. Laretta carries a spear with her wherever she travels and is constantly asking her parents to allow her to visit the great temples of Kineas.

Torvala Izlude- 45 years old (Formerly a Danceny) (Human)
Stegys’ dark skinned and commanding wife. Torvala is the younger sister of Lord Ambrose Danceny, ruler of Northern Maladomini, sworn to the Merteuil. The marriage was made through an unusual display of good will between the Izludes and Merteuil. Torvala is statue-esque, she lives at Vormaive Castle along with her two small children, her oldest daughter, Cherish, lives in Byron’s Light.

Ajexa Hirall- 17 Years Old (Deceased) (Human)
Unrelated to the Merteuil directly, Ajexa is the daughter of the late Tildy Hirall, a servant of the Izludes. Rilohse had an affair with Tildy that resulted in his bastard son, Shain. Ajexa is Shain’s half brother, her father is unknown. Rilohse commanded that Ajexa be raised as one of his own child, that she may be treated as a noble lady even though she is by all means, a commoner. She is best friends with Corska Izlude. Ajexa died during her capture by the Weary Bones Brigade.

Corska Izlude- 16 Years Old (Dragon Aspect)
Daughter of Rilohse Izlude, Corska is an energetic and lively girl. Although she was born under the Dragon Aspect like her mother, Corska is daintier than her siblings, with long white hair like her mother and has occasionally displayed the ability to breath electricity. Corska has undergone intense bow training along with Ajexa, Corska has become an expert marksman.
Corska has ventured deep into the heart of the Azure Veil to commit herself to the wood. Upholding the ancient tradition of her family by becoming an Azure druid.



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