The royal family of the coastal city-state of Aido. The Ishikawas have made a pact with the Guardian Imperial Dragons of the coast and have ruled together with the dragons. The Ishikawa have ruled Aido for nearly a century and the living King is respected as the living reincarnation of the first imperial dragon to rule Aido.

The Ishikawa Family:

Shogun Jiro Ishikawa- 85 Years Old
The ruler Shogun-King of Aido. Jiro Ishikawa was childless for many years with his first wife Torhu Onizuka who he eventually divorced and remarried into the noble Nakamura family. A vampire lord had his new bride abducted and married her himself. She was returned to Aido and Jiro had the marriage anulled. but she was already pregnant with the Vampire Lord’s child. She gave birth to a dhamphir girl, Keiko Nakamura. The Shogun then had two children of his own with his new wife.

Prince Akito Ishikawa- 26 Years Old (Human)
The young prince from the far-off city-state of Aido, City of Bronze. Akito is set to one day rule the city state. Prince Akito is a handsome man with a dark black goatee. He is a master of water magic and skilled with a katana.

Princess Taki Ishikawa- 24 Years Old (Human)
The young unmarried princess from Aido, has spent much of her life abroad between Bygaria, Rocyn and New Umtao. Princess Taki is well known figure throughout the world. She seems to be avoiding ever returning to Aido.


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