The Gwyncairns
Dwarf Family
Holdings- Havelia, Pilgrim’s Passage
Motto- Firmly in root
Symbol- An axe embedded in white stone

The Gwyncairn Family:

King Tyberion Gwyncairn- 240 years old
Tyberion has withstood three attacks by Bygaria and fought strong each time and each time was defeated. However, the dwarves of Havelia were always too much for the Kingdom of Bygaria to rule and contain. The customs of the dwarves too unfamiliar and alien, Havelia has been granted it’s freedom to govern itself but still lives knowingly under the thumb of Bygaria. Tyberion rules fairly and respectfully but does nothing to stop the pockets of resistance from the younger dwarves who want Havelia free again.

Rumelda Gwyncairn- 220 years old
The often-away wife of Tyberion, Rumelda fancies herself a proper Bygarian lady and spends months at a time at the Byron’s Light courts. Rumelda is tall for a dwarven woman and wears heavy makeup and large dresses. She retains Byron’s Light fashions even when returning to Havelia. Most of her kin are embarrased by her emergence into human culture.

Treythur Gwyncairn- 155 Years Old
The oldest son of the Gwyncairns, Treythur will one day rule Havelia but spends most of his time away from his family and their constant throng of visiting Bygarian nobles. Treythur is a skilled axe-man, able to hit a target over 60 feet away with a throwing axe. Treythur spends much of his time researching glories of dwarven history and worshipping Ro’turl, searching for the answer that will lead his people to the greatness they deserve.

Berguld Gwyncairn- 140 Years old
Tyberion’s money pinching middle son. Berguld appreciates gems and precious ores far more than a typical dwarf and regularly goes into the mines to search for more gems. Berguld is obsessed with attaining more wealth for Havelia, believing riches will be the key to Havelia’s success.

Torlana Gwyncairn- 80 Years Old (Dwarf)
Tyberion’s youngest daughter. Torlana was barely a maiden when she met Birch Izlude. Although the two came from very different worlds, they fell in love during an axe throwing contest and were quickly married in a Ro’turl temple. They spent nearly half a year together before blue cloaks arrived in Havelia to take Birch back home. Torlana was pregnant with his child and never saw her husband again, only hearing from travelers that he had remarried. Torlana has remained sad and heartbroken for over twenty years.

Emma Gwyncairn- 34 years old (formerly an Ocheral)
Beguld’s human wife, Emma is the daughter of Jayve and Beela Ocheral. She was supposed to have married Spiere Rhyspell but a few years before the coup her father abruptly canceled the marriage and she was sent to Havelia by her father. Emma was married off to the Gwyncairn’s and made to live in Havelia as one of the few humans.

Rikus Gwyncairn- 19 years old (Mul)
Berguld and Emma’s young Mul son. Born with a small top-knot, the son of Berguld and Emma Gwyncairn couldn’t be more different than his parents. Even though he is only 19, Rikus is a champion combatant. He stands at nearly seven feet tall and his body is rippled with muscle, but unlike his parent’s noble and civil demeanor Rikus is wild and spends most of his time with commoners.


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