Symbol- A golden badger
Sworn to the Ashbys
Holdings- Gold Creek
A family of bankers and coin counters. The Gild’s are very wealthy, owning several great keeps and servants to see to their every whim.

The Gild Family:

Lumette Gild- Formerly a Greenstone 52 Years old, human (Deceased)
Long golden hair with the sigil of a Badger emblazoned to her frock. She is formerly a Greenstone, bannermen of the Rhyspells. Her husband, Jakob Gild was killed during the Ocheral coup. She is now the head of the Gild family until her son, Rookly marries.
Lumette had fallen in with the Daemons who have been spotted with further frequency in Bygaria. Lumette attempted to kill all the Ashbys and their bannermen by summoning host of Daemons to Limberry Casle. She was killed by the Kingsguard when she opened the Rift to Abandon and then again after a daemon sprung out from her body.

Rookly Gild, 18 years old, human, DECEASED
Oldest remaining son of the Gild family. Rookly is a frail and small man, the youngest of three older brothers who all died fighting against the Ocherals during the purge to avenge their father. Rookly was only a child when he became the heir to his families fortune and holdings.
Rookly assisted his mother in the destruction of the Ashbys and all their forces. Rookly opened a Rift to Abadon in the library in Storm Tower, but was brutally killed by the daemons he summoned.

Farris Gild- 24 years old, human, DECEASED
Daughter of the Gild family. Farris is devious and calculating, very much like her mother. She too has fallen under the persuasion of the Daemons and relishes her newfound powers with her studies in witch craft. Farris was found in the in the theatre in Cloud Tower, she had opened a portal as part of the trifecta to open a rift into Abadon.
Farris pretended to help the Kingsguard in the arrest of Greaves Sinchella but instead worked with her mother in insuring the summoning of the Daemons will destroy the distracted nobles. Farris was killed at Limberry Castle, defending a rift into Abadon from the Kings Guard.

Ser Algus Gild- 35 Years old (Human)
A cousin of the head of the Gild family. Algus is handsome and well-kept. He dresses in the finest attire, finding new clothes from Belbe, Farely Square and Nessus to dazzle the courts. Algus was knighted for his valor during the Ocheral Purge.


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