The Epamachus

Floating world and Air Genasi
Holdings- New Umtao, several orbiting islands
Motto- I remain unconquered
Symbol- The Pegasus

The Epamachus family has ruled the New Umtao lands since the world was stitched together. And before that had ruled the initial nation of Umtao for several centuries. The Epamachus are broad-shouldered, enduring fierce leaders that rule New Umtao strictly and efficiently. The heir to the throne has always been named ‘Siratem’ since the first King Siratem. The Epamachus family kept New Umtao as a primarily isolationist country only rarely dealing with Al Jinh or the low lands. Since the Sky War from Bygaria the country has come forward on a world stage after fending off an attack from the powerful Kingdom.

The Epamachus Family:

Prince Siratem Epamachus XXV- 35 years old
Quiet and stoic, Siratem wears a heavy crown in New Umtao. After fending a great Bygaria attack he and his country have been receptive to peace and talks with Bygaria. Eager to ensure the casualties of the war could never happen again, Siratem is lobbying hard to marry to Tamara Akashka.

Queen Ash Epamachus- 72 years old
Queen Asha ruled New Umtao for many years, keeping her family and country far away from the lower and upper worlds. She is a great pacifist and has a hard time understanding the backstabbing and political worlds of the ‘Low Kingdom’. Queen Asha was supposed to find a bride for her son from one of the common Umtao women, but was never able to bring herself to do it.

Princess Chiderra Epamachus-Baylord – 42 years old
Regal and refined, Princess Chiderra is an icon throughout the world. Considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the realm, Chiderra sets trends in noble fashion and is always sporting a new look wherever she goes. She is happily married to another Umtao nobleman, Piren Baylord.

Belana Baylord- 11 years old
Chiderra and Piren’s young daughter.


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