Symbol- A purple and white flowering thistle
Sworn to the Ashby
Defining Characteristics- Gray hair, black eyes
Holdings- Shepherd Crest
The muscle of the Ashby family. The DeWildes have served for generations as skilled tacticians, generals and knights, dedicated to the Ashbys and the Songweaver. The DeWildes are known for their strong religious convictions, the current Pious Song, is a member of the DeWilde family. The DeWilde’s were close with the Ocherals, but sided with the crown during the coup.

The DeWilde Family:

Marquis Charl DeWilde- 46 Years Old, Human
Head of the DeWilde family.It is widely known that Charl raised Hector Ocheral like a son and he learned from his men that survived the encounter that Hector was killed by the Kingsguard. He is hiding his hatred and sorrow. But even though he was injured and hurt, he remembers that the Kingsguard saved his life when they rescued him from the Weary Bones Brigade. He is still one of Simon’s strongest supporters.

Codee DeWilde- 25 Years old, Human
Long shining gray hair on a girl of 25, she is tall is accompanied by an incredibly large faceless Rocynese man at all times. Codee is the only child of Charl DeWilde.
the man she calls Blue, and is not actually a man but her eidolon who watches over her keeps her safe. Codee doesn’t know about the Kingsgaurds hand in the death of Hector, who she considered a brother.

Grace DeWilde-48 Years old, human (Formerly Canary)
Tall with short bright blonde hair, silver eyes and rosy cheeks. Wife of the Marquis DeWilde, aunt of Kathlyn Canary, the Knight of Feathers. Grace is loyal to her husband who she has been married to for nearly thirty years. She never cared for her adopted son, Hector Ocheral, that he always seemed a little off to her in some way. She knew one day he’d get himself worked up and either lead a revolution or die in obscurity, she can’t say she’s sad things went the way they did.


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