Symbol- A flock of flying yellow birds in a white cloud
Sworn to the Orions
Defining characteristics- Yellow hair, brilliant teeth
Raven’s Roost
A noble and well respected house. The Canary’s are known to be staunchly loyal and participated in the coup against the Akashkas when they were sworn to the Ocherals. The Canarys all fought bravely in the coup and were spared the Akashkas wrath when they reswore allegiance to the throne and Orions.

The Canary Family:

Kathlyn Canary- 22 Years old (Human)
Kathlyn Canary is a local hero of Bygaria. She lead the charge into New Umtao when she was only seventeen. She is widely regarded as the Knight of Feathers for the great yellow plumage she wears over her cloak. Kathlyn has also won many tournaments throughout the country, she is beloved by the common folk. She has no great love for the Orions, despite her allegiance to them.

Tylair Canary- 37 Years old, human, DECEASED
Father of the Kathlyn Canary and former Lord of Raven’s Roost. It is customary for the heir to Raven’s Roost spend several years proving himself a valiant knight. He takes on the Mantel of ‘The Knight of Feathers’ for the plumed mantel a young lord would were. The title of ‘Knight of Feathers’ is passed down father to son for generations. Tylair changed all that when he passed his Mantel down to his younger daughter over his older son. Tylair died in battle during the Great Sky war, leaving his estate to his family.

Emil Canary- 23 years old, Human
Contended heir to Raven’s Roost. Though the Mantel of the Knight of Feathers was not passed down to him, Emil argues that because he is the male heir to Tylair that he is to be given the keep and lands. Emil has gone to Burard with his complaints, but Burard, not wanting to alienate any Canarys from his war effort told Emil the matter will be settled after the civil war. Until then, his mother maintains control of Raven’s Roost.

Dayna Canary- 43 Years old, Human, Formerly a Porfea
Wife of Tylair Canary and known as the ‘Plumed Lady’, Dayna has more or less always been the real ruler of Raven’s Roost. Tylair had no interest in ruling and would pass off most of his duties to his wife who oversaw tribute, taxes, land disputes and civic appointments. Dayna continues to rule Raven’s Roost to great success, most of the populace fears her petty son Emil taking over for his mother when the civil war is settled.


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