Bygarian History

Bygarian History
From the pages of Zhoffar Merteuil, Headmaster of Dusquell’s Academy for Boys

The Forgotten Age

1 FA
The Gold Dragon Progenitus, believes himself to have transcended into godhood. He creates a world to his liking. He disallows other Gods from any access to his plane.

100 FA
Several kingdoms have sprouted up in Progenitus’ world. He demands full faith and worship from his subjects.

250 FA
Progenitus grows weary of dealing with the day to day problems of his world and begins spending most of his time in a pocket dimension he created for himself. He calls the dimension, ‘The Nexus’.

540 FA
The first of six major wars breaks out on Progenitus’ realm. Millions of lives are lost as the people cry out for their God to come back and save them.

790 FA
Progenitus returns to his realm to find it engulfed in a third major war. He overcompensates and wipes out much of the civilization. He then returns to the Nexus. The people of his realm forever remember their God as wrathful and begin calling out to the heavens for other gods.

850 FA
Several other gods hear the voices from Progenitus’ world. They came down to the plane and accept the peoples worship of them. Life begins to thrive once again as civilization is reestablished.

1100 FA
Progenitus returns to check up on his world and finds that most of the people have given up on their worship of him. He responds by creating a kingdom loyal only to him and wages war on those who have fallen from his path.

War continues to tear apart Progenitus’ realm, intensifying every hundred of years or so when Progenitus decides to return to his world and bolster his forces. Much of the world is ruins and ash.

2000 FA
The Master Wizard brothers Morrigu and Serpentarious begin training their 12 disciples. They come up with a solution to solve all the worlds problems, including war, starvation, poverty and resource depletion. During their research they uncover the secrets to immortality. They bestow immortality to themselves, their disciples and seal the formula into twelve stones. Each stone is given to a disciple.

2010 FA
Adam and Lillith, the strongest of the 18, learn of the immense power of Progenitus. They create the Sword of Stars and the Souldrinker Mace in secret. They plan to use these weapons against their masters if they make them choose between them and their God.

2015 FA
Morrigu and Serpentarious complete their plan to bring about the apocalypse to save the world. A massive tower is constructed from which the energy of the world can be broken down into four succinct parts, water, fire, earth and air. They then seal Progenitus in the Nexus, never allowing him to escape.

2016 FA
During the sundering of the world a rift occurs between Morrigu and Serpentarious, Serpentarious wishes to rule the worlds as a GodKing while Morrigu wishes to let the races of the world fend for themselves. The disciples side with Morrigu and give him enough power to transform into an immense red dragon and fight his older brother. The disciples finished the ritual but Adam and Lillith, knowing that Progenitus would not want his world broken apart, hinder the process of transforming the world. They turned on the rest and fled into the Aether.

The Elementals Age

1 FW
The world is split into four different worlds. A world of water where landmasses are small and a great ocean dominates the planet. A world of fire with a bright burning sun and sweltering jungles. A world of stone, a poisonous dungeon world alive with raw materials and darkness. And a world of Air, several floating continents hang in the plane with no true bottom. Feeling the immense energy from the sundering, Progenitus then realizes he cannot leave the Nexus.

2 FW
Serpentarious is greatly wounded in the battle against his brother. He locks himself into what is now known as the Serpent’s Tower to recuperate. Unbeknownst to him, his old disciples sink the tower to the bottom of the waterworld ocean. Imprisoning Serpentarious for thousands of years.

30 FW
Morrigu has found himself in the world of fire and his red dragon form which he battled his brother in, has become his permanent shape. Morrigu tires of watching the warring humans in his new paradise.

100 FW
The last of the humans, halflings, elves and fairies die in the Earth World by poisonous gasses and the harsh environment. It becomes apparent that the creation of the four separate worlds was unsuccessful due to Adam and Lillith.

150 FW
Morrigu rallies all the animallike creatures of the world of fire to launch a genocidal campaign against the humans of the world. They are incredibly successful in their endeavors as human life is wiped clean from the fire world. Most elves, dwarves and halflings are killed mistakenly during the genocide.

260 FW
On the World of Water, the temple to water and life known as ’Shaman’s Peak’ is erected. The source of all water is placed here in reverence to the element.

300 FW
The humans of the air world learn the secrets of creating flying machines. The colonization of the upper reaches of the air world begins.

340 FW
The highest land mass of the Air World is discovered by elves, they name the land Al Jinh and start a thriving civilization lead by Uldrien Starym.

425 FW
The smugglers den of Prima Port becomes a real landmark in the water world. The town becomes known for its vibrancy and reliance on guilds.

470 FW
While wandering the desert in exile, Vul, a young mindflayer stumbles upon an artifact lost during the sundering of the world. Using the Sword of Stars, the mindflayer begins his dominance over a large region of the fire world. He constructs a deadly maze to hold the weapon.

500 FW
The disciples of Serpentarious and Morrigu convene together one last time. They are only ten without Adam and Lillith, they decide to give up their immortality and magic stones and pass them on to their own followers. The disciples all die within the year.

533 FW
The nation of Porre begins conquering nearby islands and landmasses in the water world. It becomes the dominant military power in the world for over a thousand years. Never manages to capture Prima Port despite many attempts.

545 FW
The Houses of Fire are constructed. Morrigu rules over the House of Kobolds but leaves the other animallike citizens to do as they please.

600 FW
The followers of the Scorpio, holders of the Scorpio stone, transform themselves into an elite Assassins guild.

650 FW
The island nation of Umtao is founded in the World of Water. The kingdom is small but fends off attacks from Porre and other powers with their superb military training.

733 FW
Most of the ‘zodiac’ stones, as they have become known as, are lost to time. Their true power is forgotten, but instead they are often used as simple mana batteries. The Libra stone is held on display by a group of smugglers based out of Prima Port.

775 FW
The first major conflict in the World of Earth between the duergar of Thrash Basin and the Drow of Morbikhan escalates to an intense degree. The remaining hill dwarves are killed off during the conflict.

820 FW
After unlocking the powers of immortality from the Capricorn Stone, Jareth the Goblin King begins construction of his great labyrinth. He plans for the maze to be a great prison for the world of water, a place where people of all nations can pay him to house their undesirables.

848 FW
The human kingdoms of Jerba, Guraaz and Varishel sign a peace treaty in the World of Air. Water has become scarce and the lower levels of the floating continents have begun to crumble and fall. More signs the worlds have become unstable, but most of the population is unaware of this.

920 FW
Serpentarious begins telepathically reaching out from his prison. He makes contact with powerhungry individuals in the task of recovering the lost Zodiac Stones. They establish an organization known as the ‘Serpentari’.

1004 FW
A blue dragon named Chien Tang, using the power of the Aries Stone, enslaves a tribe of scorpion folk on the water world. He creates a magnificent desert and claims the area as his kingdom.

1068 FW
Adam and Lillith are granted the appearance of angels from their devotion to Progenitus. They find followers and begin a cult to Progenitus, giving new names and great powers to those who are truly faithful. They exist to free Progenitus from his prison.

1120 FW
The drow family Isriia takes power in Morbikhan in a bloody coup. Under their rule the drow steadily take back most of the World of Earth from the duergar.

1020 FW
King Qu’rub Hullsunder is born. He rules the oceans of the Water World. The sea is his blood.

1220 FW
Virot Merteuil, current head of the Serpentari discovers the secret to raising the Serpent’s Tower from the ocean’s depth. Through dark study he learns that an immense amount of bloodshed would raise the tower and thereby free their master from his prison. He sends his agents out into the world to sew seeds of destruction and murder.

1226 FW
Hemlock Kraton the kobold is born in the Patchery. He is brought to the mainland and raised by an old human couple who he accidently murders while still a child, not understanding how to use his sorcerer powers.

1228 FW
The Minotaur lord, Agamemnon of the Maze, leaves the great labyrinth to see more of the world. Jareth, the goblin king and his master gives him a mighty axe to protect him in his travels.

1230 FW
The nation of Umtao is attacked by thousands of demons. They kill nearly every inhabitant. The young prince Siratem was spared during the attack but changed his name to Artemis out of shame and becomes a mercenary.

1231 FW
Maladomi Merteuil completes his training as an Asmodeus Cleric and sets out on the mission to kill his older brother to gain his families lands.

1232 FW
The gnome head Choir Priestess of Shaman’s Peak survives an assassination attempt but is left with no memories of her life. She takes on the name Uma Goldbottom and finds herself in Prima Port as a barmaid.

1232 FW
A tiefling thief in Porre Capital by the name of Agony Swift escapes from jail before being sent to the labyrinth. She quickly makes her way to Prima Port with the plan of escaping on the first ship she can find.

1233 FW
Maladomi Merteuil, Uma Goldbottom, Agamemnon of the Maze, Agony Swift, Artemis, and Hemlock Kraton find are given a ship by the Libra Smugglers in Prima Port. They name their ship, ‘The Eclipse’. Together they begin collecting Zodiac Stones and thwarting the attempts of the Serpentari.

1235 FW
Enough blood is shed and the Serpent’s Tower rises from the ocean, freeing Serpentarious. He tempts Artemis and Agamemnon into taking the power of the elements and transforms them into the power hungry Neo Titans. This act is the last final amount of pressure that nearly severs all the worlds from each other. The world of air begins breaking apart, the world of fire begins drying up, the world of water begins to freeze and the poisonous gases begin to overpower the world of earth.

1236 FW
Su Yin, the current head of the Scorpio assassin’s guild joins the Eclipse crew to avenge the slaughter of her guild at the hand of Progenitus’ followers.

1240 FW
Neotitan Agamemnon is sent to the world of fire and quickly begins conquering the animal houses of the sweltering jungles. Morrigu and his forces are the only things that prevent Agamemnon from subjecting the entire realm to his harsh rule.

1275 FW
Neotitan Artemis is sent to the world of air and establishes the Kingdom of New Umtao in the world of air by destroying the Kingdom of Varishel and launching a great war against the rest of the kingdoms, attempting to put the entire world under his rule.

1276 FW
Morrigu dies during a battle against Agamemnon, he places his powers into Hemlock Kraton.

1280 FW
The remaining crew of the Eclipse defeat the Neo Titans and the followers of Progenitus through a time jump in the Nexus. Artemis kills Serpentarious while Maladomi seals Progenitus into the Nexus, forcing him to fight a gigantic scorpion for eternity. Using the powers of the collected Zodiac stones they were able to reassemble the world back into one balance realm. 

The Golden Age

1 AS
Statues are erected of the Eclipse heroes in Prima Port. The four worlds are placed back together as one great puzzle. Artemis returns to his name of Siratem Epamachus and rules New Umtao, he passes the kingdom on to his son, Siratem II.

2 AS
As the world is settling back into place new and old gods take their places in the Pantheon. It is said that Uma Goldbottom ascended into the Songweaver, joining Asmodeus, Morrigu and the Sleeping Serpent. Soon more Gods flocked to the new world, establishing balance and religious fervor throughout the world.

3 AS
Hemlock disappears into the thick bush of the Dragon’s Jungle. He begins ruling the hidden city of Morrigu.

5 AS
The Red Lady is born in Athas. She immediately ascends to the Pantheon. Athas enjoys a thousand years of prosperity.

10 AS
Israfel and Bardiel, the only survivors of Progenitus’ followers who turned on their crazed God, give birth to a native child. They name the child Gabriel Ocheral.

11 AS
Agony Swift and Su Yin settle the Blacknam Moorlands. The Swifts become the queens of the region for centuries. 

18 AS
Maladomi Merteuil returns to the lands of his birth and rapidly expands the territory to a kingdom. He makes a dark pact with the devils to insure a prosperous, but ultimately damned kingdom. He names the Kingdom, Maladomini, after himself.

38 AS
Gabriel Ocheral establishes a kingdom of justice and peace in the area now known as Prima. His heirs rule the area as kings and queens.

50 AS 
Willyan Tythos declares himself King of the Fords after deposing of all rivals. He builds himself a monstrous castle on the Palik River.

71 AS
Torment Swift, daughter of Agony Swift, completes construction of Icena Castle.—

108 AS
The church of the Songweaver is established and begins to flourish throughout the world. Song and devotion become and everyday part of the world. The first head of the church is Pious Song Roeso the first.

120 AS
After making a pact with the guardian of the forest, a powerful warlord from the Azure Veil named Magne Izlude emerges from the forest with an immense army. He conquers much of the continent but after his heirs are unable to hold onto the lands after his death. They marry into other powerful families and begin the reign of the Izludes in the Azure Veil.

181 AS
The first orc is seen on the Western Continent. Most people believed orcs to have gone extinct in the Forgotten Age. They traveled in small tribes around the Green Lands of the Western Continent.

215 AS
A man named Chaucer Ashby claims to be the son Ahlandriel, god of Justice and Cities. He goes from town to town performing miracles and great gestures of faith. He starts several temples to Ahlandriel throughout Old Porre.

220 AS
The Teagans emerge as Kings of Jerba after a lengthy civil war. The rule the region from their immense city of Kingsloft

225 AS
Chaucer Ashby is invited by King Dian Porre, to come and be his council while ruling Old Porre. Chaucer accepts the position and becomes very popular throughout Old Porre.

230 AS
The white flight of dragons, lead by Shirotatsu make their home in Gaug.

234 AS
Trade between the Dragon’s Jungle and the rest of the Northern Continent begins to slow as the normal peasantry and even some nobles begin to embrace folk tales and rumors about half men. Several small skirmishes begin breaking out between the different tribes of half men and their local human neighbors.

240 AS
King Dian Porre passes away from a sudden illness leaving no heirs, the people of Old Porre demand Chaucer Asbhy be made king. Chaucer marries the King’s younger sister Miria. He then begins construction on Lynberry Castle.

281 AS
The Imperial Dragon Hu Jinna protects thousands of humans from a monstrous hurricane on the Northern coast of the Western continent. After seeing the human take to following his lead so easily he establishes the country of Aido.

359 AS
Juliana Rhyspell, head of her small minor noble family in Jerba marries the King of Jerba Valley, Nickolas Teagan. When Nicholas dies shortly after their wedding Juliana uses her magic and charisma to put her brother on the throne. This starts a small civil war in the Kingdom, but Juliana outsmarted the rest of the families and insured the Rhyspell rule of Jerba and cast the Teagan’s down to bannermen.

405 AS
The Dragon Slayer’s Guild is established in Belbe. Pockets of the guild begin springing up in every major city on the continent.

465 AS
One hundred tribes of the western continent come together and write a pact. They call it the ‘Rocyn’ pact for the man who penned it. It gives a chance to each tribe to present a prince when it comes to picking a king, after a long vetting process and combat a king is chosen from the 100 princes. This founds the nation of Rocyn, land of 1001 Princes.

550 AS
The Deadman’s Patrol is begun on the border of the Dragon’s Jungle. All communication between Morrigu and the rest of the world ceases. Half Men who do not begin to flee for the jungle are rounded up and killed by mobs.

700 AS
Tinslyn Magic Academy is founded. Young mages from all over the world come to study at the university under famous wizards.

777 AS
An immense tidal wave destroys much of the Vastean coastline. Bygar Akashka the conqueror emerges from the waves and begins his conquest of the continent.

778 AS
Bygar Akashka conquers the Fords after defeating King Oritz Tythos and leveling his castle to the ground. He then killed Brant Tythos, headmaster of Tinslyn and brother to Oritz, for standing in his way of complete control of the Fords.

781 AS
Blacknam and Old Porre form an allegiance against the conqueror Bygar Akashka. The Ocheral forces launch a great attack into the heart of the Akashka forces but are repelled by the combined Rhyspell and Izlude forces who have sworn fealty. Several Swift assassins are discovered by Bygar and his men and publicly executed.

782 AS
Blacknam is conquered by Bygar Akashka. The Swifts swear fealty to their new king.

783 AS
Bygar lines up all of his available forces and positions them on the march from the city of Sunchase. Seeing such a display of force, the Merteuil meet Bygar in person and come up with their unique terms of surrender. The Merteuil then swore themselves to the new king.

785 AS
The Ashby’s of Old Porre attempt to make a diplomatic call to Bygar but are swept down. Bygar marches on Belbe and takes nearly all nobility captive in one decisive battle. King Rico Ashby refuses to accept surrender and Lynberry Castle is marched on, the Akashka forces easily overpowering the remaining knights of Old Porre. King Rico is slain and his son, Boras Ashby swears fealty. Bygar installs Boras Ashby as the lord of Old Porre.

787 AS
Ten short years after Bygar began his great conquering of the continent he completed it by marrying Pianna Ocheral and added Prima to his kingdom. The Kingdom was renamed Bygaria.

815 AS
Bygar’s son, Byron accepted the mantle of King after his father passed. He waded into a vile marshland, tainted by a forgotten lich-lord and expelled the land of it’s dark sickness. He then settled the capital of his Kingdom in that spot and founded Byron’s Light.

924 AS
The Greenlands have become completely an Orc domain. Some small communities of other creatures exist but not long before a roaming orc horde discovers the settlement, sacks it and enslaves its people. The orcs of the Greenlands are nomadic and a feared part of life out West.

1005 AS
The magical fountain of Athas begins to dry. The land slowly fades away into dust. The Wizards of the region become dependent on magic to live.

1120 AS
The Sultan of Rocyn, Ahma Jahiv is killed by a Silent Man. The organization is declared unlawful and is forced to go into hiding. Training their assassins from the shadows.

1150 AS
A Songweaver crusade is dedicated to ridding Bygaria of vampires. The entire kingdom becomes motivated by the Church’s request and vampires are hunted down throughout the kingdom, finding no safety in Blacknam or Maladomini. The vampires that were not killed escaped past Havelia and into the West.

1200 AS
The elves of Al Jinh make contact with the Kingdom of Bygaria. The current king marries his daughter to an Al Jinh prince.

1260 AS
The vampire refugees found the city of Quincy far out west. The town is ruled by a council of vampires.

1305 AS
The duergar of Thrash Basin begin to conquer some of the Azure Veil. They are beaten back by the families of the Veil, but many of Nahail family received untold cruelties at the hands of duergar during the conflict.

1356 AS
Much of Dusquell is destroyed in a massive fire. It is rumored that a Merteuil family member tried to get out of a deal with a Devil Lord and payed with his life and most of Dusquell.

1403 AS
Belbe is engulfed in riots over the lack of food due to a drought. The nobility are unable to quell the populace until various underground groups begin filling the gaps. The citizens of Belbe begin to depend on crime lords more than their nobles from this point on.

1486 AS
The headmaster of Tinslyn. Raltz Rhyspell goes mad from his dark experiments. He leads an army of undead and goblins through the Sunset Hills trying to discover a way to turn himself into a lich and unlock the secrets of immortality. He terrorizes the people of North Jerba for nearly five years before disappearing.

1525 AS
The Red Flight converge onto New Umtao. After years of battling the evil dragons on their own they called out for help from the neighboring country of Bygaria. Together the Bygarian and New Umtao forces drove the Red Flight off the floating continent and an alliance was struck between the two kingdoms.

1580 AS
The Pisces Stone was rumored to have shown up in Athas but after a terrible accident, turning all the fish in the nearby streams into enormous aberrational monsters the stone was sealed away and forgotten.

1640 AS
Shogun Pakku Ishikawa assumes power in Aido after the previous Shogun attempted to kill the Imperial dragons and rule Aido entirely by himself. Pakku served as one of the previous Shoguns’ generals and warned the dragons of the treacherous attack. For his zeal, Pakku was made Shogun of Aido.

1695 AS
Bygaria invades Havelia, wanting better access to trade to the Western Continent. Although the dwarves are defeated they prove to be nearly impossible to govern by a human.

1700 AS
Havelia is let go of by Bygaria.

1756 AS
Rumors of a young girl with pink hair calling herself St. Ajora, spreading the Gospel of The Twelve Faced God begins to circulate through small towns all over Bygaria. Several peasants are even merchant class citizens are taken by the new faith. The Songweaver and Asmodeus Church condemns the new faith as heresy.

1862 AS
King Orinas Akashka I dies, proving to be a weak and inefficient ruler. Under his watch gangs of thieves take up roost in the Azure Veil and the duergar of thrash basin continue to plague both the veil and Maladomini. The White Flight grows bolder in their demands from the kingdom. He dies at 62, allowing his son Orinas Akakshka II to take the throne.

1865 AS
King Orinas Akashka II, determined to make a stronger Bygaria hangs the thieves in the Veil, sends Dragon Slayers into Gaug and an army to the Thrash Basin. The army eventually conquers the Duergar and Orinas accepts their pledge of fealty.

1868 AS
After his conquering of the Thrash Basin, Orinas went after a larger target and began the Morbikhan War. The drow were an incredible challenge and both sides suffered major losses.

1870 AS
The Morbikhan War ends with Bygaria victorious. The drow pledged their fealty and became part of the kingdom.

1875 AS
The faith of Many Faced God has grown throughout the entire Kingdom. Several temples can now be found throughout, including a massive temple in Belbe.

1886 AS
Orinas saw the entire continent waiting to be joined into Bygaria. He layed out a plan to his small council detailing battle plans for Gaug, Havelia, Prima Port and eventually a colonization plan for the Dragons Jungle. As a demonstration of Bygarian power Orinas followed in the steps of his ancestor and marched his entire army outside of Prima Port. The merchant city caved into the display of power and submitted to the kingdom.

1890 AS
Gravin Bigana and Tucker Ocheral head out west on an adventure to see the world. The discovered powerful dark secrets in Athas. When they returned to Bygaria to tell the king, he had no time for their concerns.

1891 AS
Ocheral Coup- Most of the Ocheral families and their bannermen rallied against the Akashkas. Striking into the heart of Byron’s Light. Several nobles of all families were killed the surprise attack. The coup ultimately failed when the Orions betrayed the Ocheral’s and sided with the royal family.

1892 AS
Ocheral Purge— King Orinas II declared a war on the Ocheral family, vowing not to rest until every member was dead. Over the course of the year nearly every Ocheral was killed or escaped Bygaria. The Orions were given the title of Lords of Prima.

1897 AS
King Orinas II marries Hilden Ashby, in an effort to strengthen relations with the Lords of Old Porre. He takes her half-Ocheral daughter Tamara as his own.

1906 AS
King Orinas launches an attack against their ally, the floating nation of New Umtao. Both sides again suffer heavy losses, Bygaria more so.

1910 AS
*Prince Beacher and Prince Dalf are both slain during the Great Sky War. Broken-hearted and without any heirs, Orinas II gives up his attempts to conquer.
*The Kingdom cannot afford to pay the veterans of the Great Sky War. Disenfranchised, poor and hated by most common people for losing the war and tarring Bygaria’s glory, most took to banditry.
*Spiere Rhyspell invites a number of Duergar to come make a settlement in Jerba.

1911 AS
*Orinas III is born to Hilden Akashka. Orinas II appoints Simon Ashby to Regent in the event of his death.
*Fowliss Einbraun begins recruiting veterans to the Weary Bones Brigade

1912 AS
*Burard Orion requests that Orinas II marry his daughter Tamara to his son Galta Orion. Making Galta regent in the event of Orinas’ death.
*Abrogail Merteuil orders the execution of the remain half men tribe in Maladomini, the Yak Folk
*King Orinas II is killed by Rocynese Silent Men.

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