Leodrin Swift


The only scion of an arranged marriage between Lohengrin Swift and Willow Ashby, Leodrin was reared to be a champion of the Swift line and inheritor of the next political union the family could arrange for itself. Spending his young life witnessing the discomfort his mother experienced on a day-to-day basis as a result of her displacement from her family, Leodrin rejected his intended fate. Rather than spend his early years training in the assassin’s trade or cutting his political teeth in society, Leodrin was known to run away to the more remote recesses of the Grey Flats for great lengths of time.

Once, Lohengrin sent to retrieve him. Every other time Leodrin fled to the Grey Flats, he drew only more icy resentment from his father and it was his mother’s grief-stricken pleas to Silas Yin (then-Captain of The Scorpio) that fetched the errant son home again. Eventually, a mentor-student relationship developed between Leodrin and the gold dragon aspect Captain and each time Leodrin returned home, the combat prowess he spat upon when offered by his family seemed to have been fostered by his newfound friend.

In a turn of events no less tragic for their predictability, Silas’ close relationship with Leodrin and his mother Willow was rewarded with accusations of treason against the Swift family by no lesser a figure than Lohengrin himself. Silas bore the branding of his forearms in silence as he was summarily exiled to Gaug for the trumped-up charges, leaving his youg tiefling daughter Pan orphaned in the service of Willow Swift.

Leodrin has never forgiven his father this offense, and his summons to the King’s Guard may very likely have been arranged by Lohengrin as a way to quell the bitterness and teach the younger Swift some discipline.

Leodrin Swift

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