Fate of the Crimson Crown

Crimson #21

Byron's Light Rumble

The Kings guard brought the gathered Orion, Izlude and Akashka forces to a large encampment outside of Byron’s Light. The Rhyspells had been laying siege to the capitol for a little over a month and had acquired new siege engines which allowed them to burst into the city through the Kings Road, a bridge that stretches from the protective walls of Bryon’s Light to the Pyrefire Castle gardens. They Rhyspell had begun to pour into the city and sack Byron’s Light when the allied Bygarian forces arrived at their rear and flank.
The Kingsguard lead a bold charge into the heart of the Rhyspell forces, defeating soldiers, duergar mercenaries, the Green Flight, elite warforged soldiers and several key Jerban nobles, including Sybil Rhoz, Samuel Greenstone, Jord Mirtus, Detrois Rhyspell, Sir Giles of Grapestones, and eventually Spierre Rhyspell. Near the end of the battle with Spierre, the master summoner tried to use the Crimson Crown to create a pathway to the ‘Paradise Plane of the Ancestral King Bygar Akashka but something unexpected happened when the portal instead open up into the maw of Abadon. Several Daemons walked into the throneroom and began to devour Spierre’s soul. A towering and evil Daemonic Lord came through the Portal, he spoke to Spierre, saying he was a weak man. He then told the Kings Guard, "Flee Bygaria for my wrath is upon this wretched kingdom. Bygar will pay for his crimes against me! and with that, returned to Abadon, taking the dying Spierre with him.



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