Fate of the Crimson Crown

Crimson #20

Donovan Castle

The Kingsguard was finally reunited in a secret mission to Prima, home of the Orion family. Gravin Bigana told Raevyn and Nevron about a secret meeting between Burard Orion and his remaining generals. Keiko and Petalula Isriia were given this information by Paulos Izlude, who then teleported the two to Ember Island to await the arrival of Nevron, Raevyn and Coddee DeWilde. After crossing the Dark Shores on the Salty Swift, the Kingsguard was allowed to regroup and spend some time on Ember Island.

They then set off for Seapoint and went to a local bar known as ‘The Mermaids Tear’ where they met Nile Trayvor, captain of the Donovan Honor Guard. Keiko bewitched the pub with her drum and Raevyn took Trayvor under her control, learning the weaknesses, strengths and hidden entrances of Donovan Castle. The party set out in the afternoon the following day to intercept the meeting between the Prima generals.

The party sneaked into the hidden waterway entrance into the castle, dispatching two Sargasso Fiends who had taken residence in the tunnel. The Kingsguard then came upon the crossroom for the hidden tunnels that run through Donovan Castle. However, a powerful Clockwork golem had been put in the crossroom to attack anyone who didn’t know how the secret password. The Kingsguard pumped Nevron with several spells and he along with Blue the eidolon defeated the Mechanical Monster.

They then spied on the generals who had agreed to ally themselves fully with the Rhyspells. Shain Hirall had been masquerading as The Young Vampire Lord and Burard was entrusting him with nearly half of his forces in the attack. The party then cornered Dorfe and Burard Orion, killing Burard and bewitching Dorfe. It came to light that Shain and the Princess Tamara had married. Raevyn then formed the plan to rally the remaining Orion forces and align them against the Rhyspells.



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