Fate of the Crimson Crown

Crimson #19

Tinslyn Magic Academy Massacre

Fresh from their conquest against the Aberrational sickness within the Azure Veil, Reilec Izlude, Leodrin Swift and Keiko Nakamura revealed the treacherous actions of Bryce Izlude against his father and lands. The Izlude bannermen are all beginning to rally and make their long trek to the Fords and Byron’s Light where they will engage the Rhyspell army. Stegys asks the Kings Guard to rally the remaining Akashka bannermen to the Izlude army. The Sygila Knights of Sunchase and the Gorbez knights of Tinslyn.
The Kingsguard gathered the Sygila and Gorbez knights and directed them to the Izlude’s rallying point. When they stopped off in Tislyn, they found the drow wizarding student, Petalula Isriia unable to access inside the Magic Academy. Miley Koiland, head of the Illusion school was put in charge of the school in the interim period and campaigned to keep the school neutral during the Civil War.
When the Kings Guard accompanied Petalula back to the academy the were able to open the seal into the school. Inside they found the academy to be covered with blood and gore. Daemons roamed the halls devouring the remaining students and faculty. Several heads of the school had survived the attack and protected some of their students. Miley Koiland and head of the Evocation school, Dicken Raregroove called the Daemons to the school along with their student followers. The kingsguard cleared the Academy of the Daemon threat and killed the student of Miley’s left behind to secure the rift to Abaddon.


Yea, you also forgot to mention that Keiko almost DIED. Stupid spells hitting my constitution!

Crimson #19

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