Fate of the Crimson Crown

Crimson #18 Part 2

Belbe Continued

Nevron, Pianna, Raevyn and Codee DeWilde made their assault on the Citizen’s Palace in the deep darkness in Little Aido. They caught the guardian Foo Lions unaware and took down Matsumoto’s personal bodyguards and sub-bosses for the underground network. They then took on Matsumoto herself, who was revealed to be a spider-witch Jorugumo. After a grueling battle, Matsumoto was defeated and the Kingsguard was able to stealthily flee the area and meet Boss Kilman the next morning.

Kilman informed the group that during the raid on the 12 Faced Temple, Ryldais was apprehended and immediately executed for failing to cooperate with the Orion forces. This action was taken hastily by Galta Orion when Ryldais II spit in the lord’s face after being restrained. Kilman told the group that Galta was now planning on wiping out the remaining heretics and rebels they’d captured in Belbe and were planning on executing the 12-Faced Clerics, Tamara Akashka and St. Ajora. The Kingsguard then infiltrated into Old Belbe with the crowds to witness the executions, but attacked the guards and Galta before the captured could be executed.

Galta Orion met his end at Nevron’s black-blade and was finished off by a group of cloudy-appearing outsiders who St. Ajora had called forth during the battle. The Aeons summoned by Ajora attacked the White Cowled Knights and sent the entire city into a panic. After the battle the group came to fully see that the Princess Tamara was nowhere to be found but had somehow been whisked out of the city by Shain Hirall and the two were headed to Donovan Castle for reasons unknown.



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