Hundreds of years after the unification of the realm into a single whole, several towns and kingdoms have risen and fallen and many great heroes have been forged. Roughly one thousand years ago the kingdoms of Porre, Jerba, Guraaz and Blaknam, come together in an alliance as a single Kingdom, named for its first king, Bygaria is the largest military and political force in the realm. A crown was forged from the blood of an ancient dragon god and given to Bygaria as a symbol of his strength and has since been passed down to every mighty king of Bygaria.
King Orinas the second has been king for over fifty year and has expanded the kingdom further than any of his predecessors, conquering The Thrash Basin, the undercity of Morbikhan, Prima Port and forced the elves of Al Jinh to pay tribute to Bygaria. His fortune turned around when he launched a full scale war to conquer the sky kingdom, New Umtao. Orinas lost many soldiers, his two oldest sons, and much of his reputation. King Orinas was forced to give up on his conquest in disgrace little less than a year ago. King Orinas’ health began to fail during the war, an omen many saw as a sign that the siege on New Umtao would fail. Orinas has two remaining children, Orinas III a small baby boy and Tamara his twenty year old daughter.

Many of the nobles fear what will happen to the kingdom following Orinas’ death. His sons were both killed recently and his youngest isn’t old enough to take the throne. The King’s adopted daughter, Tamara, now holds the key to any man who wishes to sit on the throne as regent. The two most visible candidates for the throne are Sir Galta Orion, the King’s cousin and Lord Simon Ashby. Sir Galta Orion is the eldest son of Lord Burard Orion, a very wealthy and powerful man who Orinas lifted up from a bannerman of the Ocherals to become one of the most powerful families in the kingdom. Most of the nobles would prefer if Galta was wed to the princess as they believe Galta and the Orions will be easy to control. Lord Simon Ashby is the Queen’s brother and serves as guardian to Orinas II. If Tamara is unwed, then Simon will rule as regent until Orinas III comes of age. The nobles hate the idea of Hilden and her brother gaining more power than they already have and favor Orion over Ashby, who is known throughout out some parts of the kingdom as “The People’s Regent”.

Fate of the Crimson Crown

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